Your Virtual Currency Is A Big Target For Black Hat Hackers

One of the biggest past times these days is playing video games. It does not matter how old you are or how young you are, no matter what demographic you are in, everyone is playing video games these days. In the past when video games were mainly played on the console and the computer they were mainly the past time for teenage boys only. But now that is no longer the case. Now with the proliferation of smartphones and pc tablets, you are seeing a lot of people get into the video game habit. Now everyone is starting to understand how fun they can be and the stigma that it is only a kid thing is starting to wear off.


Along with all generations of people starting to play video games, there has been another surprising factor that has taken hold in the past couple of years. Not only is a surprise that people of all ages are starting to play these games, there is also a surprise that people are willing to pay money for virtual items in the game. Usually when a person buys a video game, they pay one set price and they own the game for life. But that is not the case with a lot of games anymore. Now people are starting to become comfortable with downloading the game for free and then paying for items as they play. Usually the items that they pay for are components of the game that will allow them to carry on further down the line.

But there is a dark side to this method of payment. While a lot of people like how this is done because they can stop payments anytime the game are not fun for them anymore, there are bad guys out there who are using these games as a method of attack. There are some black hat hackers who see that the in game currency has real world value so they are doing whatever that they can to make money off of it themselves. And that means they are doing stuff such as raiding other people’s accounts so that they can take their virtual currency and sell it to someone else.

They are using several different attacks to accomplish this goal. One way of attack that they are using is social. They are sending fake invites that tells the players to log in with their profile information and they will be able to earn extra virtual currency. The black hat hackers make the invite look like it came from the company and that is how they are able to fool people. Not only that, they are also using old school hacks to get the access to the currency that they need. They are attacking the computers of people who play the game and getting their information that way. Once they have the information, they transfer it to someone else’s account and then they sell the currency to someone else. This is happening a lot and most likely is not going to stop anytime soon.

When it comes to anything of value that is on the internet, there is going be someone looking to take it. This is true even when it comes to something like virtual currency in video games. That is why you always have to be careful and make sure that you are protecting yourself even when you are just playing a video game.

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