Your Smart Cards Are In Danger

While people may realize that there are technical leaps and bounds happening all of the time, they might not realize how far we have actually come. Most people do not read the science journals that are out there or keep up to date with the latest tech breakthroughs. If it is not something that they can wear or use to talk to friends they just do not care.

But if you did pay attention to what is happening in both the world of science and in the world of tech then you would realize that the criminals have a lot of toys that they can play with right now.

Your Smart Cards Are In Danger

When we say toys, what we actually mean is some of the most modern tools that are on the market right now. They are able to use all kinds of resources to try their best to take your money. And not all of the ways they are trying to take your money is on the internet. You have to worry about the offline crooks as well. This is especially true with the rise in mobile usage. The bad guys are taking their high tech show on the road and they are out to get you.

Right now, the main way we see criminals using tech while on the go is being able to take the data off of your smart cards. When we say smart cards we are talking about your credit cards and your bank cards. Any card that you have that holds data, the bad guys are going after it. The old school way of doing this is by using a waiter or someone else who would have access your card to double scan it. They scan it once for the purchase and they scan it again to store the data on the card. And you are none the wiser.

The newer way of doing this is by using some of the new devices out there. They have a device that will allow the bad guys to be able to just stand near you and be able to read your smart cards while the cards are still in your wallet. It never needs to come out for them to be able to get the data from you. This is why banks and other institutions will hand you sleeves to hold your card in. These sleeves have metal linen around them to keep them from being read by devices just like this.

This goes to show that you have more than the computer to look out for when you are talking about high tech criminals.

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