Your Password Has Been Compromised. Now What Do You Do?

It is fact of digital life these days that you are going to have to create a user account on some of the web sites that you visit. The website does not even have to be important. There are just some website owners who want to start a community and for you to be able to use their resources, you are going to have to join up as well. This is why it is good that you take the time and practice good password making techniques. Because sooner or later, you are going to have to use those password skills to enjoy the internet safely.


And the reason why it is important for you to practice good password making technique is that it is inevitable that one of the websites that you use is going to be hacked. And when they do become hacked, there is a good chance that you password is going to become exposed. And sometimes that means they are going to become exposed for the entire world to see.

There are plenty of black hat hackers out there who would take your password and try to use it themselves on some of the other web sites that you might visit. But there are other black hat hackers who just do it for the fun of it and they take your information and just blast it for the world to see. Both situations are bad but the second scenario exposes you to more bad guys and is the one that you really have to be wary of.

So what do you do if that happens to you? Well, the first thing that you should be worried about is them attacking your credentials on the other websites that you visit. If you use the same username and password everywhere then that means you are really exposed. But if you practice good password technique like we talked about earlier in the article then you should be ok. And rule number one is to not use the same password on every website that you visit. If you followed that one little rule then your password on one site getting out should not hurt the other websites that you visit.

So what are the rules?

So you might be wondering what are some of the password rules that we keep talking about? Well the number one rule is in the previous paragraph if you remember. And it is probably the most important rule that we will talk about. And that rule is to never use the same password on several different web sites. Like you see, if one of the web sites that you use becomes hacked then they will still not be able to get into the other web sites you visit.

The second rule is to not create passwords that come straight out of the dictionary. The first thing that the bad guys are going to do is run a dictionary attack on any website that they want to attack. A password right out of the dictionary will allow them to do that pretty easily. So when you are creating your password make sure you put plenty of numbers and strange characters in there.

The next thing that you want to do when it comes to creating passwords is to use as many characters as you can. The longer a password is the harder it is to crack. So you want to make sure that your password is one of the ones who is hard to crack. Some of the web sites will have limits on how long you can make the password. So make sure you make it as long as their limits allow. You do not want to use passwords that you will be able to remember. That usually means that they are easy to get pass. You should really use some type of password manager tool so that you can make hard to crack passwords. That way you will not have to remember the password in your head and you will feel safer all at the same time.

Your password being exposed is bad. But if you follow the proper procedures when you are creating a website account then you should be OK. But as we said earlier in the article, sometimes the website is hacked and it has nothing to do with you. Those are the times when it is a good thing that you did not use the same password on that site that you did on the other websites you visit. If you did then you would end up with a lot more problems than you have now.

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