Your Logs Tell Your Attacker Everything He Needs To Know About You And Your Site

Keeping up your own website has a lot of maintenance to it. This is why it is a good thing that most people start off from the very bottom and then work their way into having their own website. For most people they end up with a Facebook or Twitter account first. At least this is how it works these days. After they start to feel comfortable sharing with a crowd they then move up to a service like Tumblr or hosted WordPress pages. After they have been on that for awhile and get used to running a website, they then go to the big leagues which is getting their own self hosted web page. This web page is on a server that they rent and from there they are able to do whatever they want to on the page.


But you have to remember that when you are self hosted there are different meanings to this phrase. You can be self hosted and run on a service that is considered shared hosting. This means that you have your own website but you share the server with other people. This the first alternative that many people take but it can be limiting to what you can do. Your web host has the ultimate say on what you are allowed to do on the server. When most people hit that wall they then go a server that they can control a little bit more on their own. There are two routes that they go with this. The two routes are VPS which stands for Virtual Private Server, or they go the full server route. This means that they either purchase or rent a full server that no one else is on. When you take these last two routes all of the sudden you find out that running your own server is a little bit harder than you might have initially thought it was.

This is because you have to take care of everything on the server. There is a managed option that you can pay for but for the most part you are handling the daily activities of the server. That means you also have to take care of security as well. And handling the security of the server is no small task. There is a lot that you have to read up on to make sure that you are handling everything correctly. But there is one weapon that you should always think about when you are running a server. And that is a weapon that can both help you or help your attackers if they are able to get their hands on it.

And that weapon which we are talking about is the logs on your server. There are several logs on your server that you should be concerned about. Some of the logs are application logs and some of the logs are for the entire machine that the server sits on. So you will have to deal with logs that are on the application level and the operating system level. But learning how to read your logs is very useful when it comes to figuring out problems and fighting the bad guys that are trying to get into your server. You can read the logs to see what parts that they are trying to get into and do your best to fortify it against them.

The logs of your server are very important when it comes to the security of the entire machine. If you want to be able to fight the bad guys then make sure you are able to access and read your logs.


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