Your IPhone 5 Is Not As Secure As You Think It Is

The smartphone revolution has brought a new wave of technology that is sure to please anyone. There are all different phones for all different types of people and I am sure that you will be able to find one to your pleasing. One phone that seems to please the market on a regular basis is the IPhone and its line of phones. Apple has hit a gold mine when it comes to the IPhone and all that it can do. They were able to bring the smartphones to the general public. And they were able to do it while being stylish and not being too cheap. While there were smartphones available before the IPhone, the IPhone is the one phone that everyone wanted to have.


But while there are a lot of upsides when it comes to the phone like the IPhone, there are a lot of downsides as well. Some people who love Apple products might be blind to that fact and not seem to worry that there can be problems on the phone. They will notice every single problem with the competitors phones such as Android but when it comes to the IPhone they will turn a blind eye to any problems that it has. But if you own an IPhone, turning a blind eye is something that you cannot do. You have to be aware of the bad parts of the phone just like it is fun to be aware of the good sides of the phone. So that is what we are going to point out in this article. The bad sides when it comes to having a phone like the IPhone.

And the main bad side that we are going to discuss when it comes to the IPhone is the fact that it does have serious security holes involved with it. A lot of people think that nobody is able to crack Apple products and that is simply not true. There are entire books dedicated to cracking Apple products and that includes the IPhone as well. But one of the biggest problems with the IPhone has nothing to do with a security problem that has to be cracked. One of the biggest problems with the IPhone is the browser that comes with it. There is only so much that a vendor can do to protect you from the bad guys on the web. And too many people treat the browser on their phone a lot different than they treat the browser at their home. When they are on the desktop they know that there are certain websites that they should not visit. When they are on their IPhone browser then they tend to click on any link that they want. It is almost like they view it as something else other than the web. So when you are on the browser you do have to be careful just like you do when you are on your desktop.

Something else that you have to worry about when it comes to your IPhone is the extra technologies that come with it. When we say extra technologies we are talking about the Bluetooth feature, NFC, and other types of extras that are on the phone. There have been attacks on all of these technologies in the past and there is sure to be one again. Make sure you have that handled reading up on the latest attacks and taking care of the updates that you get with your phone. And that is something that you need to make sure that you do. Always do the updates that Apple sends to you because a lot of them are security updates and you need those to have a truly secure IPhone.

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