Your Favourite Web Site Has Been Hacked. Now What Do You Do?

When we go on the web we tend to leave our imprint in a lot of places. Even though you do not mean to you still do. Whether it is the web site tracking your IP address or even just leaving a simple comment, there are traces of us all over the internet. But the most common way that we leave a trace of us on the internet is through the use of signing up for a new web page. Many of our favorite sites want us to create an account on them before we can interact with it. This has both a good side and a bad side. The bad side of this equation is what we are going to be talking about in this article.


Now What

As we said earlier in this article, you leave a trace of yourself when you log into a web page based on the user account you set up. So now that you have set it up, anyone who has access to the back end of the web site can see what you put down. Sure most major web sites do their best so even their employees cannot access your sensitive information but there is always some way for the back end people to be able to get access. But what happens if that web site is hacked? Now someone who is not employed by that web site has access to your information.

The steps that you take

When your favorite web site gets hacked the first thing that you want to do is find out how much damage has been done to the site. Wait for their press release and hope that they talk about what systems have been compromised in the attack. Not every web site will indulge this information though. If they do not then you know that it is time take some evasive maneuvers of your own.

If you are using the password you used on the compromised site on any other web site that you go to then that means change the password now. If you used an email account to sign up for the web site then that means they know your email. It might be worth it to them to try and attack your email account and see what sites they can exploit from your list. Most hackers know that people reuse passwords all of the time, so it is worth to them to try and attack any other sites they find in your email account.

Now that you changed your passwords, make sure that the web site that got attacked addresses the situation properly. If they have not then it might be time for you to leave that site permanently.

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