Your Cell Phone Can Be Turned Against You At Any Time

Dealing with the modern day cell phone can be tricky. While it may not seem like it, that device that stays in your pocket most of the time is actually a really complicated piece of machinery. And we are not even just talking about the modern day smart phones like the IPhone and the Android based phones that you see around all of the time. A lot of the phones that they call “feature based” cell phones are pretty complicated as well. Just like with all pieces of complicated machinery that we deal with there is a good side and a bad side to all of them.


You modern day cell phone is a great tool to use. We have advanced a great deal with the use of cell phones. It may not seem like it now but the use of cell phones as an everyday tool has streamlined society. You can really see it when you look at cell phone usage in the smaller, third world countries that are out there. For many people in these countries the use of the cell phone has connected them to modern day society. They are not able to afford the TV’s and computers at their home. But they are able to afford a cheap cell phone. And that cell phone allows them access to the internet where they are able to do work and also have entertainment. There are industries being built upon cheap cell phones in third world countries. So as you can see it is a good thing that they are here. While many people in first world countries see the invasion of cell phones in everyday parts of life as a nuisance, there are people who are really glad that they are here.

But as we said earlier in the article, there is a dark side when it comes to the usage of these cell phones. And we are not talking about the dark side that comes from changing societal norms. We are talking about the dark side that comes from the bad guys using the technology against you. And we have seen this in every type of technology throughout the ages. There was no doubt that the same thing would happen to cell phones as well. But now it is happening at a faster rate than we expected. So all that we can do is prepare and become as cautious as we are on the computer. If not the bad guys will be able to catch us with our pants down and that will be no fun at all.

How are they turning the phones against us?

There are several ways to answer this question. First of all the phones are being used against in a really personal way. Second of all, the phones are being turned against us by being used as a weapon against society.

When we talk about the phone being turned against personally, we are talking about someone being able to hack into the phones and getting to our personal information. They then use that personal information against us. They can use that information against us in a numerous amount of ways. They can use it to try and blackmail us. If we do not do what they say they will release the information to the public. There are a lot of people out there who would rather succumb to a blackmailer than be personally humiliated on the internet. They can also sell off our personal information to the highest bidder. This is what happens most of the time and the results can be damaging to your personal life. You can spend years cleaning up the financial damage that is the result of something like this happening. As you can see, there are several ways that the information on the phone can be used against us. That is why protection of the data on our cell phone is of our own self interest as well as a public one.

When we talk about the phones being used as a weapon against society, we are talking about smart phones mainly. And since smart phones are like mini computers, they are able to do a lot of the same things that computers are able to do. And that means they are able to become part of a botnet. No longer is it a computer only party when it comes to botnets. The bad guys are able to attack your phone as well to make it part of the festivities. Every time your Smartphone is on it can be attacking someone halfway around the world.

As you can see, when it comes to your modern day cell phone, it is in your best interest to try and protect it. If you do not then there is a fine that you are going to pay, it just will not be financial.

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