Your Attacker Bypassed Your IPS System. Now What Do You Do?

Taking out the bad guys means that you have to have different levels of security for them to deal with. And not only that, you have to be on par with your analyzing skills as well. You cannot just know how to deal with the bad guys by pressing buttons and hoping that everything works. That is not going to work in every case. No, you need to how to get down in the dirt if you need to.


An IPS (see also: IDS) is a must have these days for anybody on the internet who runs a medium to large website. The letters IPS stand for Intrusion Protection System. It allows you to monitor your networks for any malicious attacks that might be in progress. There are several devices that you must have on your network to make sure that it is safe and this is one of them. If you do not have one then you are going to let a lot of the low end bad guys get by your protection system. You will already have enough to deal with when you are talking about attacks from more skilled black hat hackers. An IPS system will let you stop the bad guys who are just looking for low hanging fruit.

But as we said earlier in the article, while an IPS can stop most attacks it will not be able to stop all of them. Black hat hackers, the good ones at least, have found ways where they are able to avoid an IPS that is running. They do not want their actions being stopped or monitored by an IPS so they do what they can to be able to get around them. This is where your skills being more advanced comes into play.

If you teach yourself what to look for manually then you will not have to rely on an IPS to pick up all the bad activity on your network. You will be able to spot the problems yourself. And that is what a good security person should be able to do. You should be able to pick up the slack where the software has failed. You cannot go to your boss and say that the machine didn’t work so there is nothing else that we can do. He will find someone who can do something. So instead you have to increase your skill set and be ready to stop the bad guys manually if you have to.

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