You Must Learn The Ways Of The Force..

.. If you are to come with me to…. church ???

The power of the Force

According to Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, Jedi Master, the Force is “an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together”

Does that sound like it is a description that could be applied to a benevolent deity?


Good… read on, because here is a new religion based upon the Force.

Good vs Evil

When Luke Skywalker met Yoda on Dagobah he may have been surprised that his training to become a ‘great warrior’ was based largely upon opinions and guidelines about good vs evil, much like most of the major religions in our world today.

Furthermore, Yoda constantly reminded Luke about the temptation of following the quick and easy path in life. Whilst the Dark Side of the Force was easier, more seductive, it was, ultimately, selfish and evil.

“Beware of the dark side.. The dark side leads to fear. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”.

In any traditional religion a strong moral code and framework is set, based upon beliefs of what is right and wrong, good or evil. One could argue that the ultimate aim of these religions is to allow it’s followers to make up their own minds as to what is right or wrong which in turn leads to wisdom, the Holy Grail to which all Jedi Masters would gravitate.

The Jedi believe that good and evil are a product of freewill and that all should have a choice of which path to follow, though taking the Dark Side route carries a health warning – something about losing your hands.

Then. And only then. A Jedi will you be.

This incredibly simplistic outlook of good, evil and man’s inherent ability to distinguish between the two, and to choose which path to follow, has led many people to subscribe to the idea that the ways of a Jedi have more meaning to them in a religious context than many of the other mainstream religions.

Incredibly, in the last National Census here in the UK, the fourth most popular religion amongst the population was ‘Jedi’, surpassing some of the centuries old Christian denominations.

Following this mainstream acceptance of the ways of the Force as a religion, two Jedi Knights subsequently travelled to the United Nations where they unsuccessfully lobbied to have the International Day for Tolerance renamed to ‘Interstellar Day of Tolerance’, presumably in order to show their acceptance of Rodians, Sith and even those dreaded Gungans, such as the dreaded Jar Jar Binks who everyone knows is nothing more than a teenagers’ masturbation toy.

Sounds bizarre, maybe it is.

You tell me.. Intergalactic TRUTH or Stellar HOAX?

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  1. Princess Leia says:

    I saw that article about the jar jar binks doll and my question is why didn’t the parents see that before giving it to the kids. lol but seriously, the ppl who wrote that article need to get a life. A teenage girl telling mom that all she needs is jar jar binks, she knows better than to tell her mom! That’s where I knew this article was a piece of BS!

  2. Jar Jar Binks the masturbation toy. So funny.

  3. How long until <strike>Bush</strike> Darth Sidious goes to war with the Jedi in order to <strike>liberate the people</strike> steal their assets?

  4. That article about Jar Jar Binks is a classic

  5. Darth Idiot says:

    I just followed that Jar Jar link and it was so funny I almost cried.

  6. Darth Idiot says:

    Knowing how fanatical some of these Star Wars fans can get I would bet this is true.

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