You Have To Be Aware That The GPS On Your Phone Is A Little Transmitter Of Where You Have Been Throughout The Day

One of the biggest apps in both the Android and the IPhone app store is Foursquare. This little company came out of nowhere and people have seemed to latch onto it. They love the fact that they could tell people where they were going throughout the day and that they would become mayor of that area. As a matter of fact the product became so popular that other larger companies started to copy its features as well. All of the sudden you saw Facebook with the same features. And then you saw Twitter add the same features as well. Your location was the new big game in town and everyone wanted to be able to play. But then all of the sudden people started to worry about the security implications of the device.


Yes, people started to worry whether they were giving out too much information over the social networks. What at first seemed to be all fun and games started to deliver horror stories. You started to hear stories of thieves using the social check ins of people to see whether their target was going to be at home or not. And then they would go in and rob the place when they knew the people were not going to be home. There was that story and more that you started to hear about. And while not all of the stories turned out to be true enough of them were that people really started to get worried. They really started to look at how much information they revealed about themselves and many started to cut back.

But the problem is not only the location social media services such as Foursquare and Twitter. There are other apps and features on your phone that tell your location as well. And while they might not be making your location public in a social profile, they are letting other people know where you go. This includes people like your phone company, government agencies, and anyone who have access to your phone. You have to realize that your phone is still transmitting data about you even if you did not turn one of those services on. Those services just used the GPS that was built into your phone already. They did not add anything extra except for the ability to show off that information. Every Time you use a service like Google Maps you are once again using the GPS service and you are broadcasting your information.

We are not saying that you should turn the service off. What we are saying is that you should make sure you realize that the information is being put out there. The GPS service of your phone has both its good points and its bad points. We already showed you the bad that could be done with the phone. But there are several good points as well. First of all if you are ever lost then your GPS signal could help people find you. You would be surprised by the range of these types of services so even if you are in the woods there is still a good chance that you would be able to get help. Also if you have children there are apps available that will help you keep track of them by their phone. So it is a great way to find out where your children are throughout the day.

So overall we are not saying that GPS is a good technology or a bad technology. We are just saying that you should be careful and know that when you use it, you are broadcasting your location to a lot of people.

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