Yahoo Xtra: Customer Emails Hacked

Yahoo! Xtra email account holders are being urged to change their passwords after two incidents came to light.

The first was a phishing attack and later it seems like there may have also been some account hijacks.


Thus far the full nature of the attack is not known but users’ contact lists were used to send emails out, urging recipients to click on a link which one can only assume would have been either spammy or malicious in nature.

Telecom New Zealand responded a few hours ago by tweeting a link for users who may want to change their password, though I can’t help but think they should have been a bit more forceful in saying users should change their login credentials!

Actually, scrub that, I’ve just seen a new posting on the email service status page for Telecom New Zealand where they are indeed offering more sound advice –

“As a precaution, we advise all our Yahoo! Xtra email customers to reset their email passwords by going to the following link:

As they go on to say, regularly changing passwords is always a good idea, even if you think they are totally secure. Also, remember not to use the same password for every online account you possess – if you do then a hacker only needs to compromise one of your accounts and then they can, technically, gain access to all of them. And you certainly wouldn’t want that!!

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