Microsoft Xbox Live Points Exploit Discovered

Whilst some Xbox Live gamers may be happy about this exploit, I’m sure Microsoft were far less amused.

A large Microsoft Points exploit was found that left one of the company’s promotional sites giving away free chunks of Microsoft Points.

The exploit, which will leave both sides scratching their head,s had been discovered by members of the forum The Tech Game over the weekend.

Xbox Live exploit discovered

Xbox Live exploit discovered

The promotion in question offered users a choice of two free days of Xbox Live Gold, 160 Microsoft points or a virtual item for their Xbox Live Avatar.

Now 160 MS points is worth roughly 2$ and these points could be stacked with existing accounts, thus making them the most valuable asset out of the three.

Whoever was behind the exploit managed to find a way to change the url of the promotional site to have it repeatedly throw out codes with many spitting out free points.

It is said that as soon as Microsoft was aware of what was going on they shut down the site but it is believed that some users skipped off with an estimated $1.2 million in virtual currency!

This is not the first time something like this has happened – back in 2008 one of Microsoft’s promotional sites had an exploit that allowed users to receive double the expected points that they were meant to receive.

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