What Does It Take To Write Safe Software?

When a person builds a house it does not matter what type of paint that they put on the house if the foundation is not strong. The paint is not going to hold the roof over someone’s head and the paint is not going to be able to allow the plumbing and the piping to go through seamlessly. No, for that to happen you must ensure that as soon as the planning starts for the house that everything is set up properly. If it is not then you will pay for it down the line.


These are the same rules when it comes to software construction. There is a big reason why the people who create software are called software engineers. It is not because it is a cool title. No, they are called software engineers because it takes a lot of planning and time to make sure that the software is going to work. And when we say work we do not just mean that it performs the function at hand. When you write software that truly works you have to be sure that it is safe as well.

No software these days is considered complete until it goes through testing to make sure that it is safe. And this is what you must do when you write or have someone else write your software. You must make sure that they are testing it for obvious security holes. The average person is aware of the security problems that surround computers these days. So if your software starts to gain a rep for not being safe then you will start to lose users very rapidly. This is why you must take the time to be sure that the steps that you are taking are the right ones.

The rules for safe software differ depending on what you are creating and what software language you are writing it in. If you are writing software that is going to be used on the web then you have to worry about keeping intruders out and protecting the database. If you are writing software that is going to be used on the desktop then you have to be sure that no one can create a patch that will cause your software to become corrupt.

Making sure your software is safe is very important these days. So you have to do what you can to make that happen.

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