Would Your Business Benefit From A Bug Bounty Program?

The one thing about running your own business is that you have to have many ideas to stay afloat. There are very few businesses out there that do not have any competitors that allow them to rest on their laurels. The rest of the businesses out there have to compete against one another, so to do that they have to have the best ideas. But more than just making money they sometimes have to be creative just to protect their business. Every now and then you need an idea that is outside of the box. One idea that is outside of the box is to have the visitors of your web site do a bug hunt.

Would Your Business Benefit From A Bug Bounty Program?

This idea was made popular by Facebook but has been around much longer than that. The whole premise is that if your users find a bug or a security hole in your web site, and as long as they tell you first, you offer them cash money. It is idea that has been tried by large companies such as Google, Microsoft, as I said earlier Facebook and many others. It is a good idea and it has been shown to work.

But the problem is that this idea is not for every business out there. First of all you must have a serious web presence. If you do not then it will not work. Also you must have the right kind of visitors to your web site. If the visitors to your web site are not technical minded then they most likely will not be able to help you out at all. A non technical person would only be able to find the most obvious problems. While the people that you get do not need to be super hackers, they need to know a little bit about tech.

Sometimes if you want to succeed at business you have to be able to think outside of the box. Running a contest like this shows that you have the ability to do that. Plus it will also make your business safer.

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