Work At Home Scams Increasing By 50% Per Year

I’ve just been rummaging around PRWEB, a press release site that I have used from time to time.

There I found this interesting release about work at home scams.

According to Staffcentrix, the chances of finding a legitimate work at home opportunity amongst all the scams is 42 to 1 against!

Not only that, but they also claim that the number of home opportunity scams is increasing at the rate of 50% per year.

It seems quite scandalous that people who are trying to supplement their income through such schemes have such little chance of not being duped.

Especially when you consider that the majority of home work seekers are on the lowest incomes to start with.

As we have said here before, always research home working opportunities before taking one up.

Think very carefully if they ask for money up front – they should be paying you!

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  1. LongRides says:

    Next they’ll ask for your bank details and SSN so it’ll be easier to transfer your earnings directly. Does ‘Nigerian Scam’ ring a bell?

    Or maybe this is one of those ‘subscribe to all the ads we send in the email’ things?

  2. Scam from Judy @

    Good afternoon,

    1. Are you interested in a Full time or Part time job?
    2. Do you want to have some additional earnings spending few hours a week?
    3. The position allows you to work from home so location is irrelevant.

    We inform you about the new vacancies in our company.

    Do you want to start a successful career right now without any entrance fees, without buying goods or involving other people? Do you want to start a successful career without any special education or special experience? Do you want to work at home? Do you want to combine your main job and have a suitable additional income. If it is so, this suggestion is for you!
    Our company is ready to give you the chance. At this moment we are enlarging our staff and you have a chance to become a member of our team and get additional earnings spending no more than 15 hours per week. But it isn’t all. We can send you a long-term contract if you prove your reliability.

    Our company works with clients and companies from all over the world and now we are looking for talents in the USA. Our firm is founded in 2000 and our head office is located in Switzerland.

    You can earn up to 4000 USD per month, taking into the account the fact that you will have a flexible working schedule, simple and small amount of work.


    To qualify, you MUST:
    1. Be at least 21;
    2. Check your email several times a day (each hour if possible);
    3. Respond immediately to emails;
    4. Be responsible, hard-working and communicable;
    5. Be able to answer phone calls.
    6. Have a residence of the USA

    If you are interested in our suggestion please fill in the form below and send it back via e-mail fwt_reply @
    Full name and surname:
    The address:
    Post code:
    Contact phone number:

    As soon as we will receive your e-mail we will provide all necessary information.

    Thank you for the paid attention. Waiting for Your prompt reply.


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