WordPress, Open Source And Security

If you want to publish anything on the web these days then there are a lot of tools that will allow you to do this. Some people like to put their thoughts in the form of a post on one of the many social media networks. Yes, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ have all become ways for people to express themselves. But if you really want to be able to totally express yourself anyway that you want then the best way to go is to have your own domain name and blog. While the social networks that we mentioned will give you a lot of freedom it does not compare with the freedom that you will have on your own web site.

When a person does choose to have their own web site they usually pick a CMS to go with it. The letters CMS stand for Content Management System. It allows you to make a web site very easily. When it comes to CMS choices the number one pick these days is the software WordPress.

The reason why people love to use WordPress so much is because it is very easy to customize. You have thousands of themes and plugins which you can use to make WordPress a more attractive option for your blogging needs.

Security problems with WordPress

There is one problem with WordPress that we have not discussed yet. Because of the open nature of the software and the fact that the software is so popular, there seems to be a lot of black hat hackers who target the platform. They are able to make rogue themes and plugins and place them on an unsuspecting person’s web site. Once it is on there, it is able to stay hidden until someone with a sharp eye finds it.

But just as easy as it is to get malware in the WordPress software, it is just as easy to take it out. If you know HTML and JavaScript then you will be able to take any problem code right out. But if you do not know these technologies then there are people out there for a reasonable price who will help you do so. WordPress is just like any other software out on the market, it can be vulnerable to malware as well.

Two things to remember about WordPress; one, if you are using software such as Memcache and you run into malware, reset Memcache. If you do not then it will store the malware in your cache and release it again. Two, always update your installation to the latest version as soon as you can. Many WordPress updates are security based.

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