Word Of Mouth Scam

With the sheer volume of information on the internet it would be quite likely that someone, somewhere, has made reference to you.

A word of mouth scam will attempt to play on your natural curiosity by directly suggesting that someone has has done just that.

The scam typically operates thus –

You will receive an email saying that a user is sharing opinions about you or your website on some company’s web page.

A link within the email will take you to said website where you are encouraged to sign up to their service.

It would appear that you cannot actually view the comments made about you unless you do in fact sign up to the “Identity Protection System” that the company is offering.

As you may have guessed, signing up is going to cost you!

If curiosity is still gnawing away at you and you do pay the fee you will be given a few further details about the comment.

However, these will be vague and non identifying at best.

Luckily though, the company do offer a “premium service” which allows you to have access to further information.

Signing up for this is just another waste of money however.

Reading through their terms and conditions will show that they don’t actually divulge any information that allows you to identify another user or comment poster.

In fact, premium membership will still not let you view anything that actually references you or your website?


Because it is a scam of course.

There never was a comment, instead the scammer has just made up something vague that could apply to almost anyone, in the hope that your curiosity will lead you to pay to view his fiction.

If you receive an email of this sort then the best advice is to delete it!

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