Woman Survives Haunted House Hanging

This is the second ‘news’ story of today’s quiz to see if you can separate the truth from a hoax.

The first story was about the Alcoholic Beverage Control director who was arrested for drink driving.


Woman Survives Haunted House Hanging

It is alleged that last Tuesday night a Spokane man, Sean Allen Jennings, attempted to hang his estranged wife after luring her into his garage to see a haunted house he had built as a surprise for their 2 children for Halloween.

Reports suggest that Jennings managed to convince his wife to put on a blindfold before handcuffing her and putting a rope around her neck whilst she stood at the top of a ladder.

Jennings is then said to have pushed his wife. Whilst managing to balance on a toe for a while she begged her husband to let her go.

Apparently, Jennings reply was that hanging her was a better option than going through with the on-going divorce that they had initiated whilst still living together.

After his wife slipped and started hanging it is then alleged that Jennings pulled her up just before she lost consciousness.

Following this, it is further alleged that Jennings then told his wife to cover the rope burns around her neck with aloe vera and a neck brace.

Two days later Mrs Jennings went to police who could still see the burn marks and bruises on her wrists.

Officers went to the house where they found the rope, ladder, blindfold and handcuffs in the garage.

Jennings was arrested on charges of domestic violence and attempted first degree murder.


What do you think?

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  1. You know him? Are they now divorced?

  2. This is true! I live in Spokane and happen to know this crazy man….

  3. So I got only one of them correct I never realized I depend so much on google!

  4. ***** This post was TRUE *****

  5. True

  6. She would have to be mad to agree to get cuffed and blindfolded by someone she was divorcing. Hoax.

  7. Interesting set of stories. I know one of the three is true because I found this site through a google search. I won’t spoil it for others by saying which one though.

  8. I don’t think this can be right

  9. I think this is true and the two other sories are both false.

  10. If I was getting dicorced I wouldnt let my ex blindfold and handcuff me before leading me up a ladder that’s for sure.


  11. Carla Hughes says:

    I think Dionne Collins and aruna are wrong and this is TRUTH.

  12. Dionne you should have read Scam’s post(see the one on eggs) before agreeing with me!

  13. Dionne Collins says:

    I agree with aruna this is probably a hoax because I think you made a point of mentioning halloween which is not far off to trick us

  14. Hoax


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