Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandsons

This is the second of three stories here today which are all quite unbelievable.

The first one was about a toilet thief and the third will be posted a little later.

Can you spot which two are true and which one is the hoax?


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rosinette Palmeira Serrao, a 51 year old government health worker from Sao Paulo, Brazil has given birth to her own twin grandsons after acting as a surrogate mother for her daughter.

The birth took place last Thursday in the Santa Joana hospital in Recife.

Press reported that both grandmother and babies were doing fine and they were discharged from hospital on Saturday.

Serrao, who delivered by Cesarean section, acted as a surrogate mother after repeated attempts by her daughter Claudia Michelle de Brito failed.

Under Brazilian law, only close relatives can act as surrogates.

As Claudia was an only child and her cousins did not volunteer, Rosinette stood forward and received four embryos from her daughter.


What do you think?

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  1. You gonna run some more of these quizzes Scam?

  2. Dionne Collins says:

    Yeah I knew this was definitely true.

  3. Grrrr! I was convinced this was the hoax 🙁

  4. To those of you still wondering.. this story is TRUE!

    The stolen kidney was the hoax.

  5. Dionne Collins says:

    I don’t agree with surrogacy like this but think it’s true all the same.

  6. This is true simply because the news reports from various agencies say so with pictures and proves a mother would go to any extent to make her daughter happy!Only the Rosinette is spelled differently…

    I am already nervous I can imagine Scam and Jon snickering

  7. Barbara-Ann says:

    Im sure I heard this one on the news. True.

  8. By a process of elimination I deduce this must be the one that is false so I agree with Col

  9. i think I heard this one on the news last week so it must be TRUE

  10. I think is the false one because surrogating for your own family sounds a bit bizare.


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