With The News That The Playstation 3 Has Been Cracked, The Question Arises, Do Video Games Have Exploits?

The word hacker in this day and age has a broad meaning in our lexicon.

Some people automatically equate the word hacker to mean criminal.

Others say it to mean someone who is interested in breaking down technology.

Others, even still, will say it to mean someone who enjoys breaking down anything.


Video Game Hacking

When it comes to video game hacking, all of these worlds collide.

Ironically, most of the people who first discover the hacks when it comes to a video game are not in it for profit.

They get involved with the scene because they love exploring closed off systems.

The more closed off it is, the more curious they become.

Some may come for the ability to play free games but that is the rare few.

Most see a puzzle and want to try and crack it.

The problem is, once their discoveries are found, someone always tries to make a dollar off of it.

Recently the Playstation 3 video game console was hacked.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

It was done by the same person who was the first to crack the IPhone a couple of years ago.

Now he has moved on to a new challenge, the PlayStation 3.

The hack is still early in the process and there have been no known exploits written for it yet, but what happens when there is?

Video Game Exploits?

Can a harmful exploit be sent to another video game console?

So far the answer has been no.

There have been ways that people used a weakness in the system to cheat, but so far there has been nothing that would be harmful to the end user.

This is not to say that it is not coming in the future.

More and more, the video game console market is becoming filled with machines that are basically home computers.

Microsoft was the first to do this with the X Box but Playstation 3 followed their lead.

In the earlier versions of Playstation 3, you were able to install and boot linux on it.

They have cut back that feature on the new thinner versions but some of the code from it is still left over.

The only holdout so far is the Wii.

But they are mainly targeting a low end market.

If a computer can send a dangerous exploit, then a computer based device soon will be able to as well.

It is only a matter of time.

For right now there is nothing to worry about.

Even though people will be able to do little tricks to cheat you in the game, they will not be able to destroy your network with them.

One day, but not today, an exploit hole such as the one found in the Playstation 3, will be able to hurt you.

But that day is not here yet.

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