With The New Beta Backdoor Trojan For OS X, Is It Time For Mac Users To Start Worrying?

For years there has been a misunderstanding by Mac users that their computers were perfectly safe against all types of malware.

They would laugh at Windows users because of all of the security problems that Windows would have in the past.

And for a while some of that laughter was well deserved.

The Windows operating system was less secure but that all changed with the Windows XP SP2.

While XP was not 100% safe, it was built on the server NT kernel and had more safety features built in.

Now, with Windows 7, a Microsoft computer is just as safe as any other computer out on the market.

But while Microsoft was forced to make Windows more secure, Apple has not increased the security on their products that much throughout the years.

They have not had a real security problem in the past so they probably figured that their product was safe enough.

That is no longer the case.


Due to the success of the IPhone, IPod and the IPad their products are gaining more attention in the public eye.

And when you start to have more people paying attention to you then that means that black hat hackers start to look at you as well.

They see that there is fresh blood in the waters and they want to attack.

Recently it was discovered that there is a new beta worm that is making its way across the web.

It is specifically targeting people on Mac computers.

Why People Who Use Apple Products Should Start To Worry

People who use Apple products should start to worry because this not the last threat that they will see and nor is it the first.

There have been other pieces of malware that has targeted the Mac OS operating system but now we are starting to see more of it.

And the black hat hackers are not only targeting the operating system of the desktop computers.

They are targeting the Iphone and the IPad as well.

The IPhone especially has become an interesting target because of how many have been sold.

The IPhone has already faced more than its share of threats since it has become the most popular smart phone on the market.

There were friendly proof of concept threats that were tried in the beginning of the IPhone lifespan but now the threats are becoming more serious.

While having the Apple app store check all of the apps is a big help, it is not stopping the bad guys completely.

When people use the Internet on the IPhone they are introducing a new vector of attack that the bad guys can use to get into the operating system.

When it comes to the Mac desktop computers it is a little bit easier now for the bad guys to make their malware since there are Intel chips running the machines.

That is the same chip that runs most Windows computers.

In the past, Apple computers ran on a PPC chip which is a different type of assembly instruction set than Intel based chips.

With Apple using Intel chips a black hat hacker can just take their tool set and switch platforms.

They do not have to worry about learning a whole new set of instructions.

The IPhone runs on an A4 chip which makes it a little more difficult than the computers.

As A User What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

It is now time to start taking lessons from your PC using cousins.

You now have to be careful when you surf the internet to make sure that you are not going to fall victim to any of the bad guys traps that are out there.

In the past the bad guys would only place malware on a web site that would infect PC users.

Now since Mac’s make up over 10% of the market share when it comes to comes to computers they are placing malware on the sites that affect both.

There is antivirus and other computer protection software that is available for Apple products right now and it might be a good idea for you to invest in them.

This will warn you when a piece of software that you have downloaded to your computer is dangerous.

Also, you are going to have to be more aware of which web sites you visit.

You have to remember that the bad guys are targeting you now and you must be prepared.

With this new beta backdoor trojan that computer security researchers have seen the light.

They are now seeing that Apple product users now have to worry about the upcoming backlash that the popularity of their hardware now brings.

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