With All Of This Excitement That Is Going On With The Elections Make Sure You Do Not Get Caught In A Black Hat Hacker’s Trap

When you are a black hat hacker you will do all that you can to be able to bring victims to your trap. That is why a lot of black hat hackers love when there is a big event going on in the world. They are able to use events like this to be able to deliver their malware to a large mass of unsuspecting people. This is especially true when you are talking about an event that gets people really passionate. And there are very few things in the world that get people as emotional as when it comes to politics. People go crazy when it comes to politics and that is the perfect environment for when it comes time to try to infect someone’s computer.


In the United States right now the people are in the middle of the election season. Well less like the middle and more like the end of the race. In two months the race will be over and a winner will be chosen for the president of the United States. And this is precisely the time when people start to go crazy. They start to dig in their heels and they get really enthusiastic for the person that they are going for. They start to want to hear all the speeches and visit some of the stump speeches. And since we are living in the new digital age, they want to be able to participate online as well. This means going to blogs to read information and also comment at the same time. This also means downloading funny programs that do crazy things such as countdown the election or any number of things. People are more active online for this election than at any time before it and the black hat hackers just love it.

A big way that politicians are able to communicate with their base is through the use of email. While it may not seem like it these days with the rise of sites like Twitter and Facebook, email is still the main way that people communicate with each other online. And when a politician wants to be able to communicate with the most amount of people then he needs to use email. Unfortunately there are many black hat hackers out there that like to use email as well, especially during this election season.

They are sending emails that look like they come from the candidate but in reality they are coming from somewhere the black hat hacker controls. And they are sending the people who support the candidates to fake websites to pick up malware on their machine. And you have to remember that this is not just happening to people who support the presidential candidate. This is also happening to people who are getting emails for local races as well. There are a lot of victims for these black hat hackers to target and it is working. Most of the people who are receiving these emails are not tech savvy and are more prone to fall victim to these types of attacks. This is especially true if the email looks official enough.

That is why during this election season you still have to be careful when you are accessing emails from your favorite candidate. While most of the emails will be fine, just try your best to make sure that they are coming from the official account of the candidate.

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