Windows XP Users Beware: Google To End Internet Explorer 8 Support On November 15th

Potentially bad news for Windows XP users here – Google will be dropping support for Internet Explorer 8 on the 15th of November. Why could that be bad news? Because XP cannot run the newer versions of Internet Explorer – IE9 and IE10. This obviously means that IE8 users may have to migrate to something completely different, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, in order to avoid potential problems when running some Google apps.


Google’s ongoing policy is to only support two versions of a browser, the current one and it’s predecessor. As you may know, Internet Explorer 10 is out next month and so IE8 will get dumped. Whats interesting here, in comparison to the cessation of IE6 and IE7 in the past, is the volume of users still using Internet Explorer 8.

“Internet Explorer 10 launches on 10/26/2012, and as a result, we will discontinue support for Internet Explorer 8 shortly afterwards, on 11/15/2012. After this date users accessing Google Apps services using Internet Explorer 8 will see a message recommending that they upgrade their browser.”
Google Updates

When Google ceased support of IE7 last year it was only being used by around 7% of the world’s surfers. Internet Explorer 8, however, actually registered as the most popular browser in the world as recently as August with a share of around 25%. In fact, around 47% of all Internet Explorer users were still on version 8 last month. Better news for XP users is the fact that Microsoft intend to support this browser version (on Windows 7) until 2020.

Interestingly, support for Windows XP itself remains surprisingly strong despite the release of Windows 7 some three years ago and the impending release of Windows 8. I’ve seen various figures quoted recently that suggest around 40% of users still have XP on their machines which is broadly the same number who have Windows 7 installed.

Do you still use Windows XP and, if so, which browser do you surf with?

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