Windows 8 To Be In The Top 3 Most Hacked Platforms Of 2013?

I’ve already got Windows 8 Pro on my desktop computer, running alongside an installation of Windows 7. I got it as part of an upgrade offer that cost me the grand total of £14.99. Thus far, I think it was terribly overpriced.

To my mind it is a tablet OS on a desktop PC and it sucks balls to the point where I think it is worse even than Windows Vista. And thats saying something! But at least Vista could recognise the basics, such as graphics cards and monitors! Windows 8 only recognises my 3rd monitor running on an old Nvidia 6200 graphics card – hardly the ideal working or gaming environment.


But hey, some of you will probably take the plunge anyway (just remember to pay for it) –

Users who are eager to try out the new Windows 8 but are not keen on buying it should be careful if searching for bootlegged copies or purported key generators online, Trend Micro warns.
Zelkja Zorz, Help Net Security

A new operating system always has quite a following on release, despite its relative strengths or weaknesses. And therein lies the potential problem – bad guys go where the most users are at, and especially on new platforms that haven’t matured in a security sense.


A new report from WebSense suggests that Windows 8 will be amongst the most hacked platforms next year and thats something I tend to agree with.

Windows 8: Microsoft’s efforts to produce an extremely developer friendly platform will be embraced by the cyber criminal community, and vulnerabilities will be exploited. If they deliver on their promise, the rate of threat growth on Microsoft mobile devices will be the highest.
Websense report

And thats despite the fact that Microsoft has beefed up security with the latest release of their operating system. Heck, it wasn’t that long ago I heard friends and family members saying how they could upgrade cheaply and then never have the expense of buying an antivirus or internet security program again.

Oh how I laughed.

You see, Windows Defender may not be the saviour some think it is –

Newly launched Window 8 is prone to infection by some 15 per cent of the 100 malware families most used by cyber criminals this year, even with Windows Defender activated, Bitdefender testing revealed.

Even though BitDefender may, it should be noted, have a vested interest in promoting their own alternative products, just like all the other security companies, they do have a point – Windows 8 ain’t as secure as some of you might like to think. At least not yet.

Peronally I’m hoping it becomes a secure(ish) and usable desktop operating system somewhere around Service Pack 3. But then I’ve always been overoptimistic.

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