Windows 7 Users Can Now Download Internet Explorer 10

Some may argue that there aren’t many reasons for Windows 7 users to be jealous of those using Windows 8 and I, having used both operating systems, would have to agree. But one area you may feel a little green about is the exclusive use of Internet Explorer 10 (available on Windows 8 since October 26th) that has been enjoyed by adopters of Microsoft’s new system. That has all changed now though.


If you want to upgrade from Internet Explorer 9 to 10 without being saddled with an operating system that many think sucks somewhat then you can from today onwards.

By moving to IE10 you will benefit from a few improvements such as –

  • improved JavaScript performance
  • the latest CSS3 improvements
  • integrated spell checking and auto-correct within the browser
  • improved battery life for mobile computers.

In the near future Windows 7 users will be auto-upgraded to the new browser (good to see auto-upgrades in this area Microsoft) but if you want it in a hurry visit where it is available right now in 95 different languages.

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