Windows 7 Security

Have you just bought yourself a new computer?

Have you recently upgraded your Microsoft operating system to the latest version?

If so, you’ll be wanting to know everything there is to know about how to keep your new Windows 7 machine secure from the the latest threats.

windows 7 security

windows 7 security

I’ve recently been writing about exactly this topic so I suggest you check out the links below for all the information you are likely to need in order to maximise your security whilst using Windows 7 –

Windows 7 Security

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12. How Windows 7 Uses DEP To Defend Your Computer

13. How You Can Protect Your Online Credentials With Windows 7

14. How Can I Keep My Kids Safe By using Parental Controls In Windows 7?

15. How Can The Credential Manager In Windows 7 Help Me Store My Passwords?

16. Is Windows Defender The Best Choice Of Anti-spyware For Windows 7?

17. 3 Advanced Configurations For Windows 7 Firewall

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18. Why You Need To Be Careful When Opening Up The Ports On Your Windows 7 Firewall

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21. Now The Dust Has Settled, Can We Say That Windows 7 Security Measures Are Doing Their Job?

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23. How Do I Secure Windows 7?

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25. The Top 5 Antivirus Programs For Windows 7

26. How Do I Backup My New Windows 7 Computer?

27. Windows 7 Has Improved Security Features Built In

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29. How Do I Secure My Brand New Windows 7 System?

30. Anti-Virus Solutions For Windows 7 Appear At Last

31. How Can Windows 7 Help Me In The Fight Against Malware?

32. How Can Clicking The Wrong .exe File In Windows 7 Render My Internet Connection Useless?

33. Is Windows 7 Easier To Manage In Terms Of Security When Compared To Other Operating Systems?

34. Are You Putting Your Company At Risk By Not Updating To Windows 7?

35. What Can Microsoft Teach Your Company About Engaging The Hacking Community?

Have I covered everything?

If you feel that you can add anything to my list of Windows 7 security posts then please feel free to comment below, or check back each week when I will be adding more posts to this resource.