Will The Nexus One Need Virus Protection?

Once again we have another new smart phone with a lot of hype backing it up, about to be released on the retail market.

The question that everyone is asking is will the phone live up to the hype.

It is being marketed as an IPhone killer.

The early reviews are starting to trickle in and so far most people seem to be impressed.

do you need to protect the nexus one from viruses?

Nexus One vs IPhone

They claim that it still has a couple of rough edges compared to IPhone UI wise, but some of the technical features of the phone are more advanced than the IPhone.

The question that still remains though is how secure will this phone be?

Will you need to place any sort of virus protection in the phone?

The only problem that has come with the advent of the smart phone, is that they are too much like a regular computer.

This can be a good thing with all of the strength that a computer brings but this feature also drags the weaknesses with it as well.

One of the weaknesses of a computer, is that we know they have hundreds of different ways to be exploited.

With older cell phones, this was not a problem since the environment that the software ran in was more controlled.

The company that created the phone also made all of the software that would be added to the phone and that would be it.

Now smart phones these days have the ability to add third party software components inside of them.

How Smart Are Smart Phones?

While this makes them more user friendly and accessible, this can also lead to a lot of danger.

This danger lies in the phone being able to be exploited.

There have been no major breaches as of yet on the phone, but they are sure to come.

So to answer the earlier question, no you do not need an antivirus application on your phone.

But you soon will.

The open source nature of the android operating system which runs the Nexus One allows a person to see the code.

This allows an attacker to see any weakness if they know what to look for.

But on that same note, if there is an attack on a weak part of the code, it will be fixed very quickly.

Open source projects by nature have a lot of eyes on them.

Eyes that will report a problem and get it fixed in a short amount of time.

A Nexus One right now is a pretty safe bet when it comes to security.

Just be aware that in the future, more malicious hackers will be targeting the phone.

Be prepared to put a measure of security on the phone to stop them.

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