Will Japan’s New Law Of Arresting People Who Save Viruses Work?

While the internet is mostly a safe place to enter, sometime you can enter parts where it is not so safe. And parts of the internet that are like this lead people to shun the entire internet as a whole. They go to one or two safe sites and are hesitant to explore the rest. Since this is such a large problem, there are many different countries trying to come up with laws that will be able to curb the problem. One such country is Japan where they have a new controversial law in effect.

Will Japans New Law Of Arresting People Who Save Viruses Work?

The new law that Japan has put in the books will stop people from being able to save a virus on their computer. The virus has to seem like it is being saved for further usage and not just a person whose computer has become infected. Just recently this law has been put into effect for the first time.

The person arrested was someone who was being investigated for sharing Manga online. Manga is the Japanese version of comic books. Instead of Manga’s, police found a virus that the person would spread to other people who were looking for child porn. Although his intentions were good the police still arrested him. They found that he was using the virus to control the person’s computer to make it go crazy. It would not stop until the person wiped their hard drive clean and reinstalled the operating system.

So as you can see, even though this person had noble intentions, who is to say that the next person is going to? But even though that is true, it is hard to tell why someone has a particular file on their computer. A person could have a virus file just so they can study it and see how it works. There are people who are called reverse engineers who do just that. They are the ones who help us fight malware. So with a law like Japan has, you put these type of people in handcuffs for trying to help other people. So there are both good sides and bad when it comes to a law like this.

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