WikiWTF – Its Simply Not Cricket

If you’ve been following the news about WikiLeaks over the last week or so then you will know that it has been a manic time to put it mildly.

There Have Been Leaks

Of course.

This is what the furore is about in the first place.

There Have Been DDoS attacks

A hacktivist, known as th3j35t3r, may (or may not depending on your view) have taken WikiLeaks out with a cyber attack or two.

There Have Been Changes In Servers And Domain Names

The cyber attacks that WikiLeaks has been subjected to has caused the site to move home more than once.

The website’s domain name service was also terminated.

There Has Been Trouble With Donations

Visa have suspended payments to WikiLeaks, PayPal severed links and the Swiss bank account has gone down the swanny too.

There Have Been Shenanigans

A working website : priceless.

For everything else : theres Distributed Denial of Service attacks (see Mastercard)

There Has Been An Arrest

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Asange, has been wanted for some time following allegations from a couple of ladies in Sweden.

He has currently been remanded in custody and refused bail pending a hearing next week which could potentially lead to his extradition to Sweden.

England 1 Australia 0

But Most Worrying Of All….

@PedroStephano revealed that Julian Assange could, contrary to popular opinion, be extradited not to Sweden but to Australia instead.

His thinking is that Assange is rumoured to be a good bowler and hence could feature in the continuing Ashes series against England.

Personally, I don’t think that is likely as the UK would never extradite someone to a country if they were likely to be humiliated and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

What Are Your Views On The WikiLeaks Saga?

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