WikiLeaks And th3j35t3r – Has He Made The Right Call?

I really wasn’t going to write a post about the latest goings on at WikiLeaks.

After all, so many others have done the subject to death already, and a whole lot better than I would have done anyways.

However, a quick look at my web stats earlier seems to indicate a high level of interest in th3j35t3r whom I’ve written about previously.

It seems that he(?) may well be the reason why has been experiencing a few ‘issues’ lately – – TANGO DOWN – for attempting to endanger the lives of our troops, ‘other assets’ & foreign relations #wikileaks #fail

– is his latest tweet.

Whilst there is no proof that th3j35t3r is behind the original or current DDoS attacks against WikiLeaks it is certainly conceivable that he is and so I see no need to doubt his claims.

My question, though, is whether you think he (or whoever else it is) is right to knock WikiLeaks down?

Should we have access to the information that site is sharing – do we need to know what our leaders are not telling us directly?

Or should all nations have secrets that should be kept away from the publics’ eyes in order to protect national security?

I normally like to have an opinion one way or another on most things but in this case I’m just not so sure.

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  1. Hi! Um…
    This might not be entirely related to your jester comment and the script kiddie label he seems now to be tagged with, but:
    I’m really out of date on this whole ‘hacking thing.’

    Is that XerXes thing you folks mentioned similar to the older substation-7 utility for script kiddie usage?

    Is meta-sploit considered a script-kiddie tool too?

  2. JesterTheKid says:

    The difference between the Script-Kid “Jester” and a normal Script-Kid is that the Script-Kid “Jester” got some money from mom and dad to rent root servers in Europe which are then abused for typical Script Kiddie “lolz me sendz so many packages that me bringz webserverz down lolz me 1337” laming.

    This “XerXeS Attack Platform” joke is nothing but a fancy-looking kiddie application (which he clicked together in a point&click graphics toolkit “programming environment”) that sends the rented root servers the IP of the “target”.

    It’s funny to see how many people fall for him. When you have 2-4 gbit/s bandwidth it’s not *that* uber1337 to “bring down” websites laying on a shared webserver on a 0.1gbit/s connection.

    • Agreed “Kid” But with all the noise being generated now about mass attacks against major companies, do you see now why I was a little, um…miffed at j35t3r’s actions? Look at what has started. This will bring about the end of the internet as we know it.

  3. This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn’t run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore… and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge… and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias… and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it’s for our own good, yet we’re the criminals.

    Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.

    I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can’t stop us all… after all, we’re all alike.

    But I’ll bet he’s never read that. Wikileaks holds the highest hacker ambitions true> information should always be free especially the truth<
    *********This little script kiddie is asking to be powned.**********

    * *

    ,—-.. ,—-..
    ,–. / / \ / / \ .–,
    / /| | : : __ ,-. / . : ,—, |\ \
    ' / ' . | ;. /,' ,'/ /| . / ;. \ ,-+-. / | ` \ `
    / / / . ; /–` ' | |' |. ; / ` ; ,–.'|' | \ \ \
    / / , ; | ; | | ,'; | ; \ ; || | ,"' | , \ \
    \ '\ \ | : | ' : / | : | ; | '| | / | | / /` /
    \ \ ' . | '___ | | ' . | ' ' ' 😐 | | | | ` / /
    \ . | ' ; : .'|; : | ' ; \; / || | | |/ | . /
    \__\. ' | '/ 😐 , ; \ \ ', / | | |–' ./__/
    | : / —' ; : / | |/
    \ \ .' \ \ .' '—'
    `—` `—`

  4. I have another question for you j35t3r. If your methods are so effective and the tactic was considered viable, why aren’t you STILL in the military using it? Your interview states you are Ex-military. Did you get dishonorably discharged for going rogue against superior officer’s orders or what? One thing is for certain, if you were so noble in your intent, then your actions, language, and scope of visibility would be VERY different. Did it ever cross your mind that the problems with these “terrorists” may lie in the very societies in which we exist? Shouldn’t we identify those issues and tackle them first, before we go and wage “war” on cyberspace?

  5. Wintermute says:

    TheJester does seem like a guy from the light side, but he clearly missed the point when he did that DDOS against Wikileaks. Or perhaps for him the US is the Good versus all malevolent forces ? Sorry but the USA like all countries have big ugly skeletons in their closet. Exposing some actual thoughts and discussions and opinions from their diplomats is just a work of clarification. Nothing really groundbreaking comes from these so called leaks. Nothing that threaten your beloved ‘troops’. This unconditional reverence to the military is disgusting and revolts me. If you follow this logic, the german were rights to support their armies, and whatever these armies have done ?
    Th3j35t3r, Die Welt had rightfully changed your nickname when they called you ‘Joker’. Actually, you’re just one of the villains.

  6. Obviously I was speaking about mannerism/behavior. If he was so altruistic in his fight, would we really know what was going on? The best hackers on the planet are the one’s no one knows about. XerXes is a good tool, but the implications of what J35t3r has done are far beyond what you simpletons can fathom. I have no love for extremists of the religious nature, and that is not what I wish to imply. However, even this smacks of extremist in some way, shape, or form. The consequences of j35t3r’s actions are far greater in scope than anyone has even realized yet.

  7. I’m kind of in Jesters corner on this one.

    Wiki leaks is only targeting the US or, we are just a target of opportunity I suppose. To me there is a real motive there to destroy our foreign relations. One would think it would be much easier to get classified material from other governments as well. Until there is a level playing field with these leaks I am in Jesters corner.

    • One of the questions I’ve found myself asking is why are WikiLeaks doing this?

      What are their motivations?

      I can understand the desire to release some of this information but it does, in my opinion, seem to undermine the U.S. more than anyone else.

      Perhaps that is coincidental, perhaps its due to the size of America, who knows for sure?

  8. This is like a ‘can of worms’, the can is open now an everyone is wondering about the worms coming out an what will happen next.
    I see both sides of the situation so i just cant form a objective opinion on it.

    • I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one stuck on the fence with this issue.

      I agree with packrat below when he says that we should all have access to this info as the governments of the world need to be far, far more transparent in terms of how they go about their business but, at the same time, I can see the need for State secrets.

      The problem of course is that if something is secret then we don’t know if we really ought to know about it and so it remains hidden and then you have to wonder about accountability.

  9. WikiLeaks Suffers a Second More Powerful DoS Attack

    The WikiLeaks Twitter account displays the messages, “We are currently under another DDoS attack,” and “DDoS attack now exceeding 10 Gigabits a second,” which dwarfs the 2-4 Gbps attack perpetrated by self-proclaimed “patriot hacker” known only as The Jester (th3j35t3r)…

    For my interviews with The Jester beginning in February of this year, including two exclusive videos of the XerXeS DoS attack in action, please see the following articles:

  10. My main thought after reading his interviews is that he doesn’t come across as being very bright for a “hacker.”

    Also, were he caught his activities would be considered illegal in most (all?) Western nations. Can the same be said of Wikileaks?

    • Thats a good question about WikiLeaks’ activities – my guess is that certain nations would certainly like to think that their actions are illegal!

  11. Yes, we should have access to this. If they were not behaving unethically, it wouldn’t matter if the information was released right? They’re lying to us, they always have been, and it is time for the American people to wake the hell up and realize that their entire system has been stolen, co-opted, and is now a red, white and blue branded form of Fascism. Wikileaks helps to disseminate what some of us know, and want other people to realize.

    • If anyone else tried what he did, and we’re caught, on any other cyber target, they’d be prosecuted. Technically J35t3r is a criminal by modern standards. Many “hackers” have been incarcerated for far less.

      • Not to mention, your silly little stunt, is going to make existing that much harder for the rest of us. It is exactly this kind of antic that will draw the public ire, and isolate us and our lives further. Hacker is already a dirty word, soon to be synonymous with terrorist thanks to this stunt.
        Thank you very much J35t3r.

  12. He’s just another script kiddie looking for attention. He is not a hacker. Just another antagonistic, anti-social, very uncool person with too much time on his hands.
    P.S. – Read the hacker manifesto to find out what being a hacker is really all about.

    • I’ve read some of your posts. There is collateral damage here. You are hurting real hackers and our profession the world over.

      • Are you aiming that comment at me or th3j35t3r?

        • That was for Jester, Lee. And in reference to the comment about why Wikileaks is doing what it’s doing, it seems to me that America has been putting itself into more and more nasty situations, and abusing it’s power about the planet. As far as most Americans know, their government could never do anything wrong, which is far from the truth. I also understand the need for state secrets especially in reference to espionage, HOWEVER it does not give them license to wage wars, and engage in otherwise very grey areas of international law, or badmouth allied leaders etc…As much as I feel for our soldiers abroad (a lot of them are family of mine), they know the risks, and they should also know that the truth behind what is driving a majority of these “policing actions.” As far as these cables damaging our foreign policy? pff the elected morons should have thought about what they were saying before they typed it.

          • If any citizen of any country believes that their government is perfect then they need their heads examining! I don’t think anyone is that naive but I hear what you are saying.

    • If you think hes a scripte kiddie then your dumb as f**k know why?

      1. lets see he took down a government website and not getting caught

      2. He knows how to code his own programs

      3. Pretty sure he as Ex-Delta force hacker

      4. What script kiddie knows how to use Linux and Hide his IP so bad the government can’t find it? a script kiddie be in Jail by now if they did that lol

      5. Your probably 12 right? plz dont go back to school and learn shit

      • Well he dang sure isnt a ‘script kiddie’ , way to good for that.
        Seems he may well be ‘old school’ with new things.

        Dang good network he has set up.

        • I concur – whatever you may think of him and what he does, I think you have to admit that XerXes is not the work of some script kiddie!

          • Who Cares says:

            To anyone who has called th3j35t3r a script kiddie I have one word for you.



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