Why Your Web Site Should Have The Right Certificates

More and more businesses are putting their virtual doorstep on the web now. It is happening so much that it is part of the original business plan now for many companies. It just does not make sense to not have a presence on the web anymore. It is how people find out about your services. And it is not just businesses. Normal people are also putting up web sites as well. It might be just for personal fun or it might be so that they can express their views to the world and make a little bit of profit. Whatever the reason, we are seeing more and more web sites go up.

But with all of these web sites going up there is one little detail that is being ignored. And that detail is security. Most of the small businesses and individual people who are creating these web sites do not think about security when they are building them. They just think that once they have it up then that is all there is to it. But that is not the case. Most of the web sites that are built are done by using CMS software such as WordPress or done from scratch by talented web developers. While WordPress may deal with certain aspects of the security process and a web developer might realize a little bit about security most of the time it is not enough to keep your site secure. You need someone who specializes in security for a living. This is especially true if your web site deals with taking a customer’s money at any point. So if you are serious about running a web site then there are a few security tips that you must think about. And one of the tips is to make sure that you are running a SSL digital security certificate.

Why Your Web Site Should Have The Right Certificates

What is a SSL web site digital security certificate?

When you run a web site, you have to transmit data back and forth between the user and the server. This is known as the client/server relationship. But most of the time when you are transmitting that data back and forth between one another, that data is what is called unencrypted. This means that if anyone is able to intercept that data then they will be able to see it. A digital certificate allows you to make sure that the data being transmitted is encrypted so that no-one else is able to see it.

There are two types of certificates that you can use. You can use one that is considered unmanaged and you can use one that is considered managed. An unmanaged digital certificate is one that is just created on your system. There is no proof that you own it but it will help keep the data that you transmit safe. The only problem is that the clients that are coming to your server are not one hundred percent sure that it is your web site that is keeping them safe. They will get a warning that they are about to sign into an unmanaged certificate. So that is why most web sites use managed certificates.

A managed certificate allows you to prove that it is your web site that is issuing the certificate. It is done by registering your certificate with a third party certificate authority. They will prove that the certificate has been issued by your web site and the browsers that are out there can trust this information. Your browser then will not prompt a warning that the certificate in question has not been authorized.

But even though this does help there have been successful attacks against these certificates in recent years. Either black hat hackers have been able to crack the ones that are out there or they have been able to create fake ones for them to use on their servers. This is why you still have to be careful when using web sites with SSL certificates like this. Even though 90% of the time you can trust them, you still want to look at the address bar to make sure that you are on the right web site. While a certificate can be faked, it is a lot harder to fake a web address. If you look at it and it seems funny then you should leave the web site.

When you are talking about the safety of the web, one of the first lines of attack is to have a web digital certificate on hand for your site. This is especially true if you are dealing with money and credit card information. This is just the front line of defense but it is a great place to start.

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