Why Your Security Could Be At Risk As Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP

Everyone’s favorite operating system is coming to the end of the road.

One of the most highly installed operating systems ever, Windows XP, is soon to not be supported by Microsoft.

They want everyone to move over to their latest operating system, Windows 7, and to do that they must start to wean people off of Windows XP.

The base of people still on Windows XP is higher than it probably should be at this point in time due to a serious backlash against Microsoft because of what many saw as an inferior product; Windows Vista.

The backlash was so bad that people (and I’m one of them) would take their brand new computers with Windows Vista on and revert them back to Windows XP.

But that is in the past because now we have Windows 7 and so far the reviews for that operating system have been excellent.

But if you still insist on using Windows XP, even after Microsoft has stopped support for it, how safe can you truly be?

No More Updates

When you use a Microsoft Windows system there are two main things that you need to use to keep your computer safe – a good, updated antivirus program and the Windows update system.

The Windows update system helps to keep you safe because it delivers new patches for threats against your computer.

If the operating system has a reported hole in it then Microsoft would find the hole, fix it, and then issue a patch to all of its users.

With the end of support for Windows XP this will no longer happen.

The patches will be left unfixed because they want you to move to a safer operating system.

If you still plan on using the operating system then having no more patches issued can be a really troubling prospect.

This does not mean that your computer will instantly become exposed to the latest threats but you are going to have to take some care when you surf the internet.

A little more care than usual will be required since you should already, I hope, be aware of the different dangers of surfing the internet.

But again, the system becomes a lot more dangerous to use when there is no support available from the vendor.

Other Considerations

Not only are you going to have a lack of security updates for your system but if anything goes wrong with it now there will be no one to help you.

Even if the problem is non-security related you will only be able to depend on the information you can find on the internet to be able to save your system.

Again, this can a big inconvenience for people still using the operating system.

My advice is that it might now be time to upgrade your operating system.

If you are still using Windows XP then you are already two generations behind.

It is understandable that you did not want to upgrade to Windows Vista but Windows 7 is a different story.

It is a very good operating system, a much more secure operating system, and one that you will enjoy using.

windows 7 security

windows 7 security

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  1. Microsuck1999 says:

    I really like XP. Not that still half of all PCs worldwide run it, but it runs very well on old hardware and the security isn’t that annoying.

    In my opinion, what makes XP really shine is that I feel like I’m using NT 3.1 even though I never used it.

    XP security was a bit annoying in the form of restart required Automatic Updates, but since Microsoft is pouring minor patches very rarely, I’ll relax.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft has put me and many others at our mercy by ending extended support in 2014. This means that XP, a great operating system that I believe far outclasses even Windows 7, will be in it’s support grave before I know it.

    • Anonymous says:

      i understand how you feel as my kids all have Windows XP on their machines too.

      Its safe enough and there are no UAC messages annoying the hell out of them either.

      When XP becomes redundant there is no way I will replace it with Vista so I’ll have a choice between Windows 7 (which is very secure and not annoying) or Linux (which may take them time to learn).

      Windows 7 would seem the obvious choice but getting 3 copies at the same time may be prohibited by the cost 🙁

  2. Just a note to your good readers ….

    One cannot truly UPGRADE from XP to Windows 7, so it’s prudent to ensure your backups are in order and that you know where all yoru software CD’s are ready for the (re)install.


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