Why Your .htaccess File Is So Important

If you host, build or run a web site then you probably already know that there is a lot more that goes into that than what people think. Some people hear that you make a lot of money in the online world so they figure that they can do it as well. They never stop to think that some of the reasons why people are paid so well is because some of the operations can be very difficult. There are a lot of rules that you have to learn to have a successful web site. Or you have to pay someone to learn them for you.

One of the major parts of a web site that you may not know about when you first get into building them but will soon after is the server/client model. You host a web site on the server and the people who visit it see it through the browser aka client. As a web developer there are a lot of security dangers that can happen on the server and it is up to you to keep it safe. Part of doing this is through the use of an .htaccess file if you are using the Apache server.

the .htaccess file can be used to increase your web site security

the .htaccess file can be used to increase your web site security

What does the .htaccess file do?

The .htaccess file allows you to set certain configurations for the folder that your site is hosted in on the server. A lot of servers have several different web sites on them at one time. These web sites are separated by a folder. The folders are just like you would have on your local computer. So to make sure that the owner of the web site has certain controls that they need, they are provided a .htaccess file.

The reason why the .htaccess file is so important when it comes to security because some of the configurations that it controls are security related. We will take for example, keeping people from being able to browse certain folder or files on your site. Some files need to be private and this will allow you to do so. Being able to block certain domain names and IP addresses from being able to visit your site is another capability of .htaccess. And it can also be used to authorize certain people as well.

So as you can see,. htaccess has a lot to do with the security of your web site. The more you learn about it the more secure your web site will be.

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