Why Your Company Should Not Trust A Brand New Technology

When we run a company we have to assume that everything is going to work. Of course you try your best to plan for contingencies just in case something does not work but in general when you are trying something out you just assume that it is going to work. And that is because when you are running a business you need everything to work in some kind of consistent manner. If you do not have a company that uses products that run in a consistent manner then that time and waste will affect your customers as well. And they are not going to like it and will more than likely try to find someone else who will be able to fulfill their need. It becomes a chain of time wasted for you and your customers when you are not using the right products.


And that is why you cannot take the time to try and find something new when it comes to software. At least not on any platform that is considered to be mission critical when it comes to your business. No, you want to be able to be sure that everything is going to work and you need something that you know is going to be reliable. You need something that has been tested and has been vetted by other users before you try it. You do not want your company to end up being the one that is the guinea pig and the one that is going to be testing out the bugs in the new software product.

And that is another big reason why you do not want your company to be the first one trying out a new software product. With any piece of software, especially one that is considered large, there are bound to be holes found in it. And a lot of those holes will be considered large security holes. That is why it takes a long time for software to be tested before it is shipped. And that is why the software offers patches once it is shipped as well. Because you can do all of the testing that you want in house but all of the holes will not be found until you have people using the software in real world situations. They are the ones who are going to find what is wrong because they are going to use the software in ways that you cannot even imagine.

And you do not want to open up your company and your customers to any kind of serious security problems in this manner. If you really want to try a new piece of software then you should test it out on non mission critical systems first. Let it run on these systems for an extended amount of time. Once it has been run for awhile then you can see if there are any security concerns that you have to worry about. Once your concerns have been alleviated then you can try the software out on your real life systems. A lot of large businesses already follow this type of pattern; if you are a small business you should follow it as well.

You should be careful with all of the software that you use but when it comes to brand new software you should be really careful about it. There could be serious security holes that no one knows about and you do not want to be the test dummy just in case anything like that happens.

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