Why You Will No Longer Be Trusted If Your Company Has A Major Security Breach More Than Once

If you think about the amount times you have been in trouble or made a mistake then you can see how someone else can as well. Even though the person that we are talking about may own a large company, you can easily see that we all make mistakes and a person or persons should be forgiven. If you do not expect anyone to make mistakes then you are holding other people to an unrealistic expectation while at the same time forcing people to hold you up to that same level as well.

But there comes a point when a company that you trust makes one too many mistakes. They go to the point where you find yourself doubting whether you can do business with them anymore. When you get to that point then it is time to reevaluate your options and see what other fish are in the sea.

Depending on the type of business that you are dealing with and what they are doing for you, your patience may run shorter than normal. If you are doing business with a company and they are creating havoc with sensitive data that belongs to you, you might only give them one shot. This is how it is when companies deal with data breaches on their servers. A loyal business partner might be able to tolerate it once but if it happens again then they will definitely move their business elsewhere.

Why You Will No Longer Be Trusted If Your Company Has A Major Security Breach More Than Once

Reasons for the security breach

As you can see, I discussed the topic in the previous paragraph as if you were the customer. But what happens when it is your company that is under siege. What if it is you who has released their customer’s data more than once? Then it is up to you to more than make things right with the customers that you have left. You made a mistake once and they trusted you. Why should they keep their trust you after this latest mistake?

There are several reasons why a security breach might happen at your company. And it is up to you to make sure that you find out how it happens, and also to make sure that it never happens again. But it is also up to you to explain to your customers why the breach happened. Is it someone at your company that you have recently fired? Or has your company upset the wrong people online and now they are after their revenge? Or is it a worse possibility and that you are just a sitting duck because your computer security is just not good enough and there are multiple invaders on your system? All of these possibilities must be discussed with your customers. If you lie to them and they find out, they will leave your company no matter if the problem is fixed or not.

If you are targeted what should you do?

If you are targeted more than once then it is time to go to the authorities. There are a lot of companies out there that do not like to take this option even though it seems like it makes the most sense. They do not like to go to the authorities because they feel as if doing that it looks like they cannot handle their own problems in house. And not being able to handle your own problems will also scare away future customers who might not know about the security problems already. But if you are targeted more than once then you have to go to law enforcement. Not only is it the smart thing to do since there is a good chance that they will have better resources to find the offender than you do but also for legal reasons. If your customers find out that someone has stolen their sensitive data off of your servers and you did nothing about it then they might hold you legally responsible as well. More than you already are. They may decide to sue for just that reason alone.

Also, besides going to law enforcement, you should also try to do your best to keep track of all recorded activity on your server during the days that the breach happened. There is a good chance that it will help you or law enforcement find whoever did it a lot easier. At this point you want to be as helpful as you can with law enforcement so give them everything that you have.

And last but not least, make sure that you upgrade all of your equipment to make it safe. There is obviously something wrong with your security procedures, so you want to make sure that you clear that up before moving forward.

If your security has been infiltrated once then that is understandable. It happens to everyone no matter how good you are. But if your security is infiltrated again, then that means you have a serious security problem that must be addressed.

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