Why You Shouldn’t Disregard The Conficker Virus Just Yet

Conficker hasn't gone away yet

You may have disregarded the warnings about the Conficker virus the day before April 1st as just another exaggerated epidemic like Y2K.

However, if you are lucky enough to have avoided infection up to now it may be time to take the warning a little more seriously because the Conficker virus is a very real crippling agent that can destroy your computer system if activated.

Conficker hasn't gone away yet

Conficker hasn't gone away yet

Thought to have been developed in Germany, since the root of the name ‘ficken’ is a German obscenity, and the domain it uses has been tracked to Ukraine, the Conficker virus is a very powerful computer worm that has infected millions of computers since it emerged in October 2008.

It is estimated that, since then, between 9 and 15 million computers have been infected by the Conficker virus, and the number is still growing exponentially as its variants gather strength and continue to grow.

There are four five known variants of the Conficker virus, all of which are designed to open the door for each other should one find its way onto your computer.

Although the variants have different destructive paths into your personal laptop, once they fix themselves into your operating system they open the door for strong strands so that your computer can be taken over.

Most people who have the Conficker virus are unaware of its presence until they notice that they can no longer update their computer software or until their operating system crashes.

This is because the Conficker virus works in the background downloading files and using your computer system as a host computer to continue spreading itself throughout the Internet world.

This is one reason why it has been a struggle to trace the origins of the Conficker virus, because once it finds a host computer it simply exhausts all its available resources, using it as a command center, and then moves on.

Thus, if you are not aware of its presence in your computer, you can continue to use most of your Internet functions until it has used all your resources and crashes the operating system leaving your computer worthless and inoperable.

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