Why You Should Avoid Clicking On Files With A .sys Ending

One of the problems with the Windows operating system is that it doesn’t let you see the endings of files.

At least by default that is.

watch out for sys files

You either have to go into your control panel and change the settings or right click on the file and look at the properties tag.

Not being able to see the endings of certain types of files can leave you a target when a hacker decides to target your computer.

There are some files that are more important than others, when it comes to the stability of your system.

The Importance Of .sys Files

One type of file that turns out to be really important is the .sys file.

A file with a .sys ending usually has an important function on your computer and if it is faked it can cause serious consequences.

A .sys file is, as you can possibly deduce, is a systems file.

It is a file that offers the machine information about how parts of the operating system are supposed to work.

There is a .sys file that controls the paging of your hard drive.

There is also a .sys file that controls the state of your machine when you place it in hibernation mode.

The list goes on and on of the different jobs that a .sys file might have.

They are very important in keeping your machine running stable.

Kernel Level Privileges

There are certain exploits out there that try to replace your normal .sys file with a corrupted version of their own making.

This is very dangerous because some .sys files can have kernel level privileges on your machine.

This allows them to be able to do, pretty much whatever they want to your computer.

Luckily for the average person, this sort of attack is difficult to pull off.

Also if they are able to pull it off, most times, depending on the .sys file that they used, the change in the file will cause the system to become a little unstable.

Enough that you should know that a recent file that you chose to click on is causing something to go wrong in your system.

You have to be careful when clicking files with a .sys ending.

They are very important in your system and any changes to them can cause a lot of damage.

Before you click on any file, make sure that you see the ending extension of the file.

Looking at that information alone can cause you to spare yourself a lot of grief later on.

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