Why You Need To Try And Avoid Applications That Make Your Computer Autorun

While the modern day computer may seem the same as it did in the past, there are subtle differences that the average person probably does not notice.

Or if the problem is not noticing the difference, then it might be just remembering how computing used to be.

It was not that long ago when storing data off of a computer consisted of floppy disk, and blank CD’s. These days if you have anything that you need to install on your computer, you just download it from the web site. If you do need to store data on a physical medium then you are going to use either a portable hard drive or a blank DVD. Or even more likely you will use a portable USB storage device. In the past it was not always like this.

Why You Need To Try And Avoid Applications That Make Your Computer Autorun

In the past, when you would buy a new application to install on your computer, you would usually have to use a DVD or CD of some kind. And when you would put it in the computer, the wheels would start spinning and then the application would load automatically. This is what was referred to as autorun back then. The reason why applications used to do that in the past was because it made it a lot easier to the end consumer. These days you will still see it used but not as often. And there is a good reason why. Too many products that use autorun have been found to expose the host computer to malware.

This is not to say that most products these days do this. It is probably not even a majority. But when you are dealing with cheaper applications, there have been many cases where malware has been found to lurk on these disks. Foreign manufacturers have figured out that they can make extra money by selling cheap DVD’s or CD’s of computer applications and load extra malware in there. And while the use of DVD’s and CD’s to deliver applications has gone down, the risk associated with it has gone up. And if you have autorun on your system, the malware on these devices will be automatically loaded onto the system.

This is why it is a good idea to disable autorun on your system. While most of the software that you will be exposed to will be trustworthy, not all of it will be.

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