Why You Need To Set Monthly Updates For Patching Your Server

We all like to think that we are organized and not scatter brained but in reality most of us are. Yes, some people are more organized than others but for the most part we all need help to keep us organized. This is why if you truly are smart then you set up schedules to help you along with this. Setting schedules for your daily routines will help you be more efficient in your activities. And this goes for all of your activities. It does not matter if you are shopping, exercising, or feeding the dog. A good schedule will help you go a long way in getting everything done.

Why You Need To Set Monthly Updates For Patching your Server

Another aspect in your life where you really need a schedule is when you are using a computer. This is especially true when your work is on the computer that is known as a server. You cannot just keep a computer that is connected to the internet still. You need to make sure that you do everything that you can to help maintain its status and keep it running. If you do not you will find yourself in trouble from both black hat hackers and the normal wear of tear of software being used that has not been updated. Yes, software can wear down over time.

As we pointed to in the previous paragraph, you need to set up monthly patching sessions for your server. This is both for the sake of security and for the sake of keeping everything running in a normal fashion. The security updates are probably the most important part though.

If you are not patching your server monthly then you are giving an invitation to the bad guys to come on inside and have fun. The bad guys read the monthly security updates in certain software and then they attack any server that they see has not updated yet. And this type of methodology can be against any of the many software suites that you have running on your server. Even when your server is bare bones with just the operating system running you probably have over 20 to 30 processes running at any one time. Most of these processes are from third parties and need to be updated as well.

So if you want to make sure that you keep a running server then update it at the very least once a month. If you do not then you can find yourself a victim very quickly.

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