Why You Need To Search For The Base64 Function If You Use A Free WordPress Theme

There are a couple of reasons why software exists in this day and age but there is one reason that stands out above all.

And that reason is to make sure that the life of the person using the software is easier than it otherwise would have been.

That is the reason why computers are so popular now – they make doing things just a little bit easier than it would be by another method.

We have gotten so good at creating software to make our lives easier that we have segmented it out so that they fit nicely into their own categories.

One category that has been created recently is known as blogging.

By now I am sure most of you know what blogging is.

There is a piece of software that has brought the world of blogging to the average man.

This software is known as WordPress and it is one of the most popular pieces of open source software that is out on the market.

why you need to search for the Base64 function in your WordPress theme

why you need to search for the Base64 function in your WordPress theme

What Is WordPress?

As I said earlier, WordPress is a piece of software that allows you to blog easier than you normally would be able to do.

And the best part about WordPress is that it is free.

It is free as in price and as in being able to configure it for your own needs.

Yes, this means that anyone can go to the WordPress web site and use the software for themselves.

This has meant a great deal as millions of people have started to use the software so that they can express themselves to an audience of willing listeners.

But even though the WordPress software is quite helpful at getting your voice out there, there is also a cost to be paid for using the software.

The price is usually the security of the WordPress installation itself.

There have been many reports of black hat hackers being able to break into the WordPress installation to cause havoc to the servers that they are hosted on.

Most of the holes from the software have been corrected or are corrected very quickly but there is a bigger problem that cannot be solved by the people who create the WordPress software and that problem comes from the people who create the themes that the WordPress software runs.

What Is A Theme And How Can It Cause Problems To My WordPress Installation?

One of the reasons why WordPress has become so popular is because of the fact that people can easily skin the software to look how they want it to.

When you first install the software onto the server it is set to the default theme.

The default theme now is called Twentyten.

But most people do not want to use the default theme that comes with the software.

They want their web site to look original and keep it separated from the pack.

To do this, they hire someone to create a unique theme for their site or they might feel adventurous and do it themselves.

Most of the time, a person will either pay for or find a free theme to use on the site.

And that is where our problem comes in.

Some Free Themes Are Infected

While most of the free themes that you find on the Internet are good and will not harm your system, there are a lot of free themes that are not.

Black hat hackers like to use the fact that people like free stuff to their advantage.

They will place links that lead to bad places on the theme itself.

If the theme depositories do not check the actual theme then it gets placed with the rest of the normal themes that are available for free.

That is why even though you are picking up a theme from a free themes depository that you must make sure that they are reputable.

A good way to check to see if a theme is bad is to see if they have any encrypted files or links in them.

The bad guys place the encrypted files and links in the theme so that they can send the visitors of your web site to some place that they do not want to go.

And since it is encrypted, they might not know that they clicking on a link.

A good indication of that is to see if the theme itself has the function base64.

You can use control F on the computer to run through the files in the theme and see if they have that function in there.

If it does then that means that the theme is trying to hide something and you are better off avoiding it.

The one thing that you must remember is that just because you see links in a theme does not mean that it is going to infect your computer.

Some theme designers make a living by being sponsored for their themes and an encrypted theme and a sponsored link are two different things entirely.

WordPress is a great tool as long as you follow a few of the safety precautions that it has.

If you do then you should have no problems at all.

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