Why You Need To Protect The Ports On Your Laptop

There is nothing better than when you purchase a new laptop and you bring it home. Everything on the laptop seems so shiny and new that it is hard to think that the device will ever be in the same shape as your old laptop. But of course it always does get there at some point but for right now your laptop is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately, no matter what brand you purchased, or operating system that you are running, at some point you are going to have to think about security.

Why You Need To Protect The Ports On Your Laptop

A laptop of course has many things that you have to secure. The internet access that is going in and out of the system, the hard drive that is buried deep inside of the case are just some of the many parts of the laptop that must be secured. But there is one thing that people have to protect but is usually the last thing that people think about. The ports that are coming into the laptop must be protected as well.

When I say ports I am talking about the places where the USB devices go, the SD cards go, the port for your extra monitor and many more side holes that are in your computer. If you are not watching your laptop very well then someone can come along and use one of these ports to infect your system. While it is highly unlikely, it can and it does happen. So you want to make sure that you protect these ports on your system.

Some people use special software that is designed to monitor these ports for anything that coming in. Most antivirus packages will do this as well. Some will be better than others. But while software is very helpful, your best bet is to make sure that you keep a tight watch on your laptop. Make sure that no one is able to get near it while you are watching. Do not ever leave your laptop with someone that you do not know. Even if you do know them make sure that you really trust them. The ports on your system can easily be used against you. Make sure that does not happen.

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