Why You Need To Make Sure That Your .apk Files Come From A Trusted Source

Android phones are all the rage right now and one of the big reasons why is because of the ability to install apps. Just like the IPhone you are able to install apps on Android based phones. And most of these apps are fun. Some are useful when you are in school, and others will help you access a world that you never even dreamed of. In short, the apps that are available to use on your Android based smart phone are a wonderful thing.

Why You Need To Make Sure That Your .apk Files Come From A Trusted Source

There is one problem when it comes to Android based phones that the IPhone does not have. While most people seem to think of it as a feature, it can be very harmful as well. With most Android based phones, you are able to install a .apk that is outside of the Android market place. This means that unlike the IPhone apps store, you do not have to pay to be able to distribute your app. Anyone is able to get to it from any web site on the internet. Or you can send it as an email file. All you have to do is place the file on the phone and it can be installed. Some phones require that you change the settings so that it allows outside apps on it.

While again, to a lot of people this seems like a feature, and it is, but it is a dangerous feature to have. The .apk files that are on various web sites around the web for the most part have not been truly vetted. While the Android app store does not do a thorough check of the apps that are submitted, the community does and they are able to tell you if one is good or not. If you install a .apk from someone’s web site you are taking their word that it will not infect you. That is a very big risk to take.

When you are dealing with .apk files, if you are going to install one from outside of the app store, then make sure that it is from a trusted web site. It is also advisable to install security software on your Android phone too.

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  1. Not only that, but I think that if an .apk is being sold on the app store for money, then distributing it via download from another site is violating copyrights. Not sure about this, but if true, yet another reason why downloading from anywhere other than the market is risky business!

    • Lee Munson says:

      I agree Trucy, it may be copyright violation if the other site doesn’t have permission to host the .apk.

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