Why You Need To Explain To Your Employees How Improper Passwords Can Put The Company At Risk

you need to communicate to your employees about passwords

When you are an employee at a job you may not be the most happy person at the place.

Even if you like the job, nobody wants to be there more than the person who runs the business.

They usually care about every detail, from the revenue that is coming in, to what time the trash is taken out.

Nobody cares for a business like the owner does.

you need to communicate to your employees about passwords

you need to communicate to your employees about passwords

Good Passwords Are Essential

This is why it is up to the owner or at least a high ranking manager, to explain to their employees, how important it is, to use a proper password in the system.

If they do not use a proper password, or protect the password that they do use, they put the whole company at risk.

There was a study that was released not too long ago that stated that the most popular password in a corporate network was the numbers “123456”.

Since they saw it as no big deal, the employee would just type the first numbers that they saw as their password.

This is a very dangerous procedure.

There is not better way to leave a company vulnerable than to have such a weak combination of passwords.

Well there may be one, to not have any passwords at all.

Besides that option, “123456” is the worst choice.

The employee may not try to put the company at risk, but with such a weak security measure, they are doing just that.

This is why, as the owner or manger, you must explain to your employees of how, what they are doing, is very wrong.

Password Education Is Key

There should be an hour or more discussion, once a year, that will go into the precise details of how dangerous such a weak password can be.

Once they know how dangerous it is, and how their account can lead to trouble for them and the company, their habits will change.

People do not think about the consequences of such actions, until it happens to them.

Then they become aware and do something to prevent it.

It is your job as the manager to make sure that you remind the employees of this fact every day, before such an incident occurs.

If you do not, then the blames lies on you just as much as it does on them.

You are just wasting money on elaborate security systems, if the passwords that are used are so weak.

As the owner or manager, you should double check that you employees are using safe and secured passwords for their access into the work network.

If not, then eventually some hacker is going to come along and take advantage of that fact.

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