Why You Need To Be Honest With Your Customers If Your Business Has Been Hacked

If you run a business then one of the earliest lessons that you will learn is that mistakes happen. No matter how hard you might try there is going to be a time when you let your customers down. It may not even be your fault but to be a good business owner you must accept responsibility. When times like that happen you must be willing to be straight forward with the wronged party and try to work out a way to make it right. Sometimes they will not be willing to give you a second chance but more often than not people understand. They understand that mistakes are going to be made and as long as you make a sincere attempt to fix it they will once again continue to do business with you.

Even though mistakes do happen, the one thing that you must remember as a business owner is that you must try your best to keep them from happening. While mistakes are one thing, being willingly neglectful is another. If you want to be true to your customers you must be willing to do all that you can to keep mistakes from happening. So when they do happen you can honestly say that you tried your best. The one way that a business is able to mess up these days is to not have a secure computer system. We have so much of our lives, both personal and business wise, on the computer that we must make sure that our systems are protected. If you do not then you are putting your business and your customers trust in the hands of some black hat hacker from the other side of the world.

Why You Need To Be Honest With Your Customers If Your Business Has Been Hacked

What can the bad guys do?

Some people believe that since they know a little bit about computers then they can protect what an outside malicious force is going to do. That is not the case. You should not pretend to know what is on a bad guys mind no matter how well you know the computer. When people try to protect what another person is going to do they leave holes in their security system. And in the world of computers, unless you are a computer science major who also was a black hat hacker in a former life then there is a good chance that you do not know what the bad guys are going to do.

When a black hat hacker attacks a business there can be several reasons. Most people assume that it is all about money but many of the good, sophisticated hackers have ways to be paid well outside of the criminal life. While some may do it for money others do it for the thrill as well. They like to be able to solve a puzzle and many of the best puzzles come when you try to attack someone who is trying to protect something.

So if you are running a business do not assume that the bad guys are only going to come for your financial information. You must protect everything that is on your network. Every piece of information that they get can be subverted to their goals. So you must try to protect everything and not just one piece of information that is stored on your network.

What can you do to protect your business?

To keep the bad guys off of your network you must have the right security measures presented. While some of the black hat hackers out there will not mess with a security system that has the basic protection software installed there are plenty more who welcome the challenge. They want to be able to put their minds to the test so they are willing to try and bypass your security system. So when you are running a business and you have yours and your customer’s data on the network you must be sure that it is safe from all challengers. This means that you want basics like antivirus on all nodes on the network and firewall software on the router but also specialized software. You want software that is able to audit the other software that is installed on the machines on the network. You want to make sure that you have protections put in place against rootkits. You want to make sure that people you have monitoring your network know how to spot an intruder that has crossed the line inside of it. You also want to make sure that the other people who work in your offices are not susceptible to a social engineering attack. When you have serious protection on your systems your customers will be more understanding if there is a security leak.

If your system is attacked and you have done all you can to protect it then your customers must understand that these things happen. While we have made many advances in computer security over the years no system is one hundred percent safe. If someone wants in bad enough there are ways that they can try. If you are honest with your customers when a breach happens then there is a good chance that you will not lose them.

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