Why You Must Question Everything When You Are Downloading A File

The internet has become the main method of communication for a lot of people out there.

It has not passed the telephone networks but it is getting closer and closer.

There are many reasons why people like to use the internet to communicate with people but I would guess that the main reason is that you are able to communicate in so many forms and fashions.

If you want to talk to the person directly, you can use a VOIP service such as Skype to be able to do that.

If you want to text with the person you are able to do that with one of the many instant messenger services that are out there.

And if you want to be able to send that same person a file then you can do it almost instantly through the use of the internet as well.

This last point is something new to us and something that we must be aware of.

When you are downloading or even uploading a file for someone else to download then you must be aware of the dangers that can go along with this activity.

This is why you must make sure that you follow the proper protocols of handling files in this manner.

In this article I will talk about what you should look for when you are downloading a file from the internet and what to do if you find it.

don't take unnecessary risks when downloading files from the internet

don't take unnecessary risks when downloading files from the internet

The Dangers Of A File From The Internet

When I talk about dangers from the internet I really mean it.

When some people think about the internet they really believe that they do not put enough online that any harm can befall them.

These are the same people that bank on a web site and also give all of their information to friends on Facebook.

The last thing that a person who is not a security professional should do is try to guess what a black hat hacker would need to be able to make your life miserable.

The slightest bit of information can be used against you, and to get this information, a black hat hacker will come up with some new and inventive ways.

Most of this includes having you download a file from the internet.

The first trick that they do is to try to get you to believe that the file is from a trusted source.

This means a family member, friends, business associates or what have you.

These are people that you would not question that they are trying to harm you so you will download their files with no questions asked.

But the problem is that peoples’ email accounts get taken over every day.

Even if their email accounts have not been taken over you still do not know where they got the file from.

While they might not be trying to send you something dangerous this file can be something that can harm you for a long time if you are not careful.

Protecting Yourself From The People That You Know

If a person that you know does send you a file that may seem a little bit strange then you do not have to panic.

There are certain things that you can do to make sure that the file is clean.

First of all, take a look at the file name itself.

While this is not a sure thing on determining if the file is safe or not, it can help you when it comes to your suspicions.

If the file has a weird name then make sure that you go to the next step that I will discuss.

This next step is to scan the file with an updated antivirus program.

An updated antivirus program is the best defense against a file that you may think of as dangerous.

It will allow you to determine if there are any known threats that are on the files that you have to worry about.

If the software does not detect any viruses, then the program will be able to execute on the computer just like any other file.

If there is something that is detected, the program will be quarantined and thrown away.

When you are dealing with files from the internet there is no such thing as a guaranteed safe file.

All files that are downloaded must be scanned to assure that they are safe.

It does not matter if the file comes from someone that you know, it still must be scanned.

Most people do not even know when their computer is infected so they will have no idea that the file that they just sent to you is.

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