Why Using Tor And Bittorent Together Will Not Secure Your Online Identity

When people think of file sharing they probably think of Bittorrent as being the best way to do it.

When people think of keeping their identity online safe and protected they probably think of the Tor service.

So it is therefore quite natural to think that using the two services together will help you keep your identity safe when you download and upload files online, right?

Sadly, that would be a totally incorrect assumption.

In fact there was a paper written recently that shows how much of your personal information gets spread around without you knowing it when you use Bittorrent.

Also, there are many security holes that get exposed when you try to use Bittorrent and Tor together.

Why You Can’t Guarantee Privacy By Using Bittorent And Tor Together

I will try to explain a few of the flaws that can happen when you use the two –

The first thing that leads you to be exposed when you use Bittorrent over Tor is that some of Bittorrent’s clients such as uStream send your IP address as part of the data packet.

Why this is done I really have no idea, but if your IP address is being sent over the line then you really do not have any privacy at all.

This is not the fault of Tor; this is the fault of the Bittorrent client.

I know that sometimes you think that you know a piece of technology so much that it will keep you safe, but if you do not know how to really look at the data that the program sends, then you can really be in trouble.

You must be sure that your data is as safe as you think it is.

Another problem that you will run into when you are trying to secure your identity by using Tor and Bittorrent together is that some of the Bittorrent clients will not use the sock proxy that it is supposed to.

When you set up Tor it is configured to send the data that it receives over the TCP protocol.

This is so that it can have the checks that come along with using TCP.

But with Bittorrent you are using the UDP protocol which does not double check its data as much.

UDP was designed so that it would send a lot of data as quickly as possible.

This means that you have less checks of the data’s integrity along the way.

So, since the Bittorrent is set to use UDP, some of the clients that you use for Bittorent will not accept a TCP connection and a TCP connection is exactly what Tor offers.

So instead of trying to connect, the Bittorrent client will just ignore it.

There are several more reasons why you should not use Bittorrent and Tor together for the sake of privacy.

If you would like to learn more you can just do a search on Google – this information is well known now in the security community.

So if you want to make sure that your privacy remains secure when you are using Bittorrent then you should find another way to send that data – using Tor will not help you at all.

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