Why Twitter Is A Great Place To Find Out About The Latest Security Vulnerabilities

The rise of social media around the world has come with both problems and joys for a lot of people. They like the fact that they are able to gather an audience for them to turn to anytime that they want. Sometimes that audience is people that they know and sometimes that audience is people that they do not know. Either way, it feels good to be able to express themselves and tell people how they feel about an issue. But that same attention can also end up being bad. If they make a mistake in the public square then people will try to crucify them. It does not matter how big the mistake is sometimes, the mob will form. This will happen even if the mistake is just a matter of opinion and it is not really a mistake at all.


One service that really rises to the top above the others when it comes to communication is Twitter. Twitter is a service that has been around for a couple of years and is only behind Facebook when it comes to the amount that has joined the service. But it is not the same as Facebook though. With Facebook you are able to communicate a long drawn out messages but with Twitter you have to keep it brief and to the point. And that is great when it comes to trying to gather information. And information is key when it comes to a field like computer security.

Getting to know the Twitter nation

If you want to be able to gather information off of the Twitter service then you cannot just jump in and see what is going on. You have to start to get to know the Twitter community and understand how it operates. And there are too many people who join and then turn away from the community very quickly. This is because they are rebuffed for something that they did because they did not take the time to learn what is and what is not acceptable on Twitter.

First of all you have got to realize that there are many different communities on Twitter. And if you want to become part of a community on Twitter then you are going to have to communicate with the people. This is especially true when it comes to the computer security people on Twitter. They are skeptical by nature so you have to make sure that you move intelligently. Follow some of the people and read the links that they post.

These links are the most valuable post that you will find on Twitter. In the past you would look to an RSS feed to find you this much information. But when it comes to Twitter you get so much more and you also get the information a lot quicker. These days’ people with blogs post the updates to Twitter before they worry about the RSS feeds. For a lot of blogs now the RSS feed is just an afterthought.

But while the links are valuable, they are only one part of the value of being on Twitter when it comes to computer security issues. As we alluded to earlier in the article, you will also have a great time when it comes to the communication aspects. Computer security people talk all the time on Twitter and you will be able to learn a lot by following and participating in these conversations.

Twitter is great when it comes to computer security; just make sure you join in soon.

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