Why The Safest Bet Is To Assume You Have No Privacy On Social Networks

There has been a movement going with a lot of leaders in the tech community complaining about the privacy issues that come along when you sign up for Facebook.

They are really not happy about how fast and loose they believe Facebook has been with their privacy policy.

With most web sites, when you hit that checkmark that says that you understood their privacy policy, you usually never hear from it again.

With Facebook, they have made several big policy changes in the past couple of years.

Each time they have made a change, it has given the end user less and less privacy when it comes to the data that they post on the  Facebook site.

The latest changes will allow Facebook to give away a huge portion of your data to third party companies.

This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Are You Naive Enough To Believe In Social Network Privacy?

The truth is, that even though Facebook has some horrible policies when it comes to users privacy, you should not expect that much privacy on any social network anyway.

For most social networks, whenever you first sign up, most of their privacy policies tell you in a nutshell that they can do almost anything that they want with the data that you post.

Of course they are not supposed to expose data that you thought was going to be private such as messages sent back and forth through what is known as a “pm” or private message – that is a feature that most people and companies expect to be private.

But, other than that, you cannot have any reasonable expectations of privacy.

This is why it is always good to be careful in what you post.

When you are on any of these social media network web sites you should only post items if you do not care who sees it as you must automatically assume that more people that are outside of your friends list will someday see the post because there is always a chance that it might be seen by everyone.

Whether this happens by accident, or by a change in the policy of the web site that you are on, your data will eventually be exposed.

If you are not using email or an IM service, when it comes to the social portion of the internet, privacy is a hard thing to keep.

This is why you should really think hard before you post an item onto the web.

These days a lot of employers are looking to put together a past history on you when you apply for a job.

They do that a lot of the times by checking the internet.

When they do check the internet they will no doubt come across your social media online profiles.

That is why you should remember that if you think that a post can harm your prospects of getting a job, then there is a good chance that you should not post it.

Remember, the last thing that you should expect on a social media web site is privacy.

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