Why The GPU On Your Video Card Is Great At Revealing Hashes

And it is not just hashes. Hackers on both sides of the scene are finding out that GPU devices on computers are able to crack a lot of items that take longer by using a CPU. And that has been both a great boon for legitimate hackers and also for the black hat hackers as well. Now when a black hat hacker is able to penetrate a database that has been secured by using encryption, it takes less time to be able to get the information than it did before. But why is this possible. Why are GPU’s so much better at the job than CPU’s?

Why The GPU On Your Video Card Is Great At Revealing Hashes

Well you can probably thank the video game industry for that. They are the reason why GPU’s exist in the first place. A few years ago we started to see video games get more and more powerful. So much so that even with a powerful video card they were causing the CPU on the machine to slow down. Now your computer was starting to slow down everything else that was going on because you were playing a video game. So when they decided to help with the rendering of these video games, they decided to create a GPU which stands for Graphic Processing Unit. The one thing that was different with a GPU than with a CPU was the fact that it had more emphasis on calculations. A device that can do calculations quickly is what is needed when you are talking about 3D video games.

So some hackers found out that they could use the power of these GPU’s to help in other calculations on the computer as well. Instead of bothering the CPU, they would instead send the job to the GPU. And with this extra power, they saw that they could bring down the response time when it came to defeating hashes and other mathematical forms of protection as well.

To defeat this, you have to make the encryption levels even stronger than they were before. Anyone these days can get a powerful GPU to use at a very low price. The only way to beat it is to have stronger protection.

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