Why The Bad Guys Try To Keep Their Attacks On Your Computer As Quiet As Possible

If you have a computer then you know that you are able to run a lot of applications at any one time on it. In the past computers were considerably less powerful and you would be limited when it came to the amount of applications you were able to run. Now that is no longer the case, and while you are still limited it is nowhere the amount that it used to be. You can have many programs going on at the same time, many of which you do not even know that are running.


Yes, there are a bunch of programs running on your computer right now that you do not even know about. Some of the programs were built into the system by the people who made the operating system and some of the programs are ones that you have installed throughout the years that are running in the background. If you were to look at the processor tab that is available to almost every operating system that is out there you would see that there are at least dozens of programs running on your system at any one time. And you do not really even notice them running because of how powerful your computer is. But it is not only the legitimate programs on your computer that take advantage of that fact. There are a lot of programs that are created by the bad guys that take advantage of that fact as well.

Because they know that most computers these days are relatively powerful, the bad guys try to sneak programs on there and have them running in the background. In the past when you were attacked by some sort of black hat hacker you would notice that you had been attacked because of everything going haywire on the system. Now that is no longer the case because the bad guys want to be able to sit on your system as long as possible and use it. There is a lot of money involved when it comes to being able to take over a person’s computer and they want to be able to take advantage of that. And with today’s computers it is a lot easier to that.

The bad guys want to be able to sit on your computer without you noticing because they are able to use your resources for their purposes. And since most computers sold today have enough power, they can use those resources without the average person even noticing. For example, they might want to use your computer to send out emails to other people in the form of spam. If they have taken over your computer as well as a few hundred others they can easily do that without anyone noticing. That is a lot of spam messages that they can send and no one is the wiser. But the use of your computers physical resources is actually just one reason why they want to be quiet on your system.

Another reason why they want to be quiet is that you do not know that they are there and they can steal your information from you. There are some programs that will just log everything that is done on that computer and then send the information off to a command server somewhere out on the web. The person who controls the server then reads the information and decides whether it is useful or not. After that they either then send the information to someone else or they use it themselves.

There are a lot of reasons why the bad guys want to be quiet and not let you know that they are on your system. Just make sure you have the right security software that will stop that from happening.

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